B. Ferentz on Recruiting

Hawkeye Insider catches up with Brian Ferentz for a one-one-one at media day. The new Iowa assistant talks about recruiting players and the approach in talent-rich Ohio.

Iowa CITY, Iowa - Brian Ferentz has worked in different areas as a young coach. Until this spring, recruiting high school football players wasn't one of them.

Head coach Kirk Ferentz brought his oldest son back to Iowa City this spring as his offensive line coach. If that wasn't pressure, he tossed Brian the Ohio recruiting assignment. It's one of the toughest battlegrounds in the country for pursuing prospects.

"We do in Ohio what we do everywhere else," Brian said. "We target guys that we think will make good Hawkeyes. We don't care who is going to recruit them.

"In Ohio, we're going to run into everybody. We recruit against everybody and we approach it the same against everybody. We need to do our job better than they're doing theirs."

Brian decided not to take shortcuts in recruiting Ohio. He tried to build relationships with the high school programs.

"What I wanted to do is meet as many coaches as I could," he said. "I think we got a lot of work done. I think I still have a ton of work to do."

His philosophy for connecting with a player is pretty simple.

"It's sales," Ferentz said. "You have to find out what each kid is looking to get out of his college experience. Then your message is going to be geared to what you can provide in that regard."

The Young Ferentz said he received a warm reception on the recruiting trail.

"I always knew this, but when I first went out there, I was reaffirmed that people do know Iowa," he said. "They know Iowa football and they know what it's about. Having the last name Ferentz also helps when you recruit."

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