The Shadow Knows Summer Workouts

Although my Dark Friend has been on vacation, he returned to Iowa City recently in time to file a report on the Hawkeye football team's summer workouts. I met him at the Wig & Pen, where he maintained his strict regimen of iced tea rather than alcoholic beverages. He talked about which players are the workout warriors this summer and about the freshmen that have already arrived on campus.

1. After spring practice, there was undoubtedly some uncertainty over whether the Hawks had a Clear and Present Danger at #2 quarterback. It appears those concerns are being erased this summer as Jason Manson has really turned it up a notch. Jason has added size and has increased his speed. He is establishing himself as a leader in off-season conditioning as he is putting in as much work as any Hawk this summer. Jason may have needed more time to lift and fill out than most of last year's freshmen skill players, as he is still only 18 years old. Could the newly developed strength and speed warrant Manson some situational time this fall? Or could it bring even more PT?

2. Another Hawk making rapid improvements this summer is LB Chad Greenway. Greenway has put on more size while keeping his great speed. He may play at 245 pounds this fall. It appears he is fully healthy from his torn ACL. The linebacker duo of Greenway and Abdul Hodge may be the best twosome to ever wear the Black & Gold!

3. This summer more freshmen have reported than any previous summer under Coach Ferentz. Just another sign of the quality program Coach Ferentz is building as he turns Iowa into an annual contender.

4. Eric McCollom is one freshman that has already made his arrival into River City. The debate about Eric's height, or lack thereof, is over. He is as tall as Brad Banks, somewhere in the 5'11/6'0 neighborhood. Eric has already demonstrated that he may already have a stronger arm than Manson.

5. Do not expect A.J. Johnson to play anywhere but tailback this fall. Reports of him being 220 appear to be false, as he has reported in around 200. A.J. has a big upper body, and now will need to add size to his legs. There is still a very good possibility the staff could move AJ to fullback next spring to take over for the departing Edgar Cervantes.

6. Herb Grigsby has also impressed with his quickness and explosiveness, but also will need to improve his hands. Herb will need to add some size too, so it is unlikely he will play this fall.

7. Do not rule out the possibility of the staff taking a look at Tom Busch at fullback either. Tom is a very physical player with good size. His only knock at linebacker is that he has short arms, allowing him to get locked up too often.

8. Florida native, Chris Brevi, is a sharp looking young man with a very good build. Already in the neighborhood of 215, it may not be long before he is moved down to linebacker.

9. New Jersey could be well represented this fall as early reports in Iowa City indicate a strong possibility Albert Young, James Townsend, and Khaliq Price will all see time this fall. Of course, two-a-days will determine whether this scenario plays out.

10. Are some Hawk coaches country music fans? You might think so due to trips and calls to Nashville, Tennessee. However, in this case it's due to TE Tom Santi from Montgomery Bell Academy. Santi is set on an official visit to Iowa City this fall. He is one of the top tight ends on the Hawks board, and would be a tremendous catch (pun intended).

The Hawks are working hard on bringing some top recruits in for the Arizona State and Michigan weekends.

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