Ibrahim Backs Up

Rachid Ibrahim postponed his decision to choose a college this week so he could get a better feel for his two finalists. The '13 MD RB plans to officially visit Iowa and Boston College next month. He talks about those trips and why he's waiting in this update.

Rachid Ibrahim felt like he was ready. Down to two schools, the 2013 Maryland running back expected to pick one of them this week.

These life-changing decisions usually aren't easy, though. That's a lot of pressure on a teenager.

What Ibrahim felt like doing last week did not follow him into this week. His design to choose a college before his senior season of high school started succumbed to making sure the decision was the right one.

Instead of picking between Iowa and Boston College now, Ibrahim will officially visit each school and then re-evaluate things.

"I think this is best for me," he said. "I need one more taste of each school."

Ibrahim visited Iowa in late July. The 6-foot-2, 185-pounder said at the time that he was close to a decision.

Iowa Recruiting Coordinator Eric Johnson said last week that the Hawkeyes' '13 class was just about full. Ibrahim checked into it after putting off his decision.

"I have talked to coaches at both schools," Ibrahim said. "They will keep me up to date with the recruiting class filling up, but I feel good about being able to take my officials."

Ibrahim expects to visit Boston College on Sept. 29 when the Eagles play host to Clemson. He starts the tour in Iowa City, however, where he plans to be for the Sept. 8 home game against Iowa State.

Ibrahim believes that seeing the schools' game day environments will be the final piece to his making a choice.

"I've already met with everyone else and seen everything on my first visits," he said.

While Ibrahim hopes to make a decision after officially visiting Iowa and BC, he's not setting a firm commitment date.

"I'm not putting a clock on myself," he said. "I think I can have a better idea after my officials."

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