Hawks Chasing After East Coast RB

RB Malcolm Ruff (6'1 220), teammate of Stan White, from Baltimore, MD is considered one of the top RB's on the east coast. He isn't too keen on leaving the east coast, but the Hawks are doing a good job of giving him an offer he just might have to check out.

One good thing about having a weak year for in-state talent, is the opportunity to convince top quality national recruits to leave their home for Iowa City. Coach Ferentz has done a very good job of that so far, especially with his recruiting performance on not only the prospect, but their respective parents. Now Coach Ferentz has another job in order for him with trying to convince Baltimore Gilman High School RB Malcolm Ruff to visit Iowa City.

"Right now my top list of schools (with offers from everyone of them) are Virginia, Duke, Wake Forest, Syracuse, LSU, Penn St., Boston College, and Iowa," said Malcolm. "I'm basically just looking at the east coast, but Iowa looks good. I wish they weren't so far away, but they are still in the picture."

"I know Coach Ferentz because I use to play football with his son, Brian. He always writes me personal hand-written letters, and I really appreciate that. Once he sent me an article on Jeremy Allen, and that was a good read."

"I've visited UNC, Duke, and Virginia. I liked the facilites at UNC, but wasn't as impressed with their coaching staff. Duke's visit was allright, but I enjoyed Virginia more. I could possibly commit before the season, and it would be to one of the ACC schools if I did."

"Its a definite possibility that I could visit Iowa. They've sent me so much and its intriguing. Besides, I'm a city boy and it'd be nice to check something else out."

Well, Iowa City is the perfect type of setting for Malcolm if he is looking for a little less than a big city. Chances are Malcolm will stay on the east coast, but if there is anyone who could convince him to give Iowa a look, its Coach Ferentz.

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