Pre-ISU: Ferentz OTS

After his main press conference, Iowa Coach Kirk Ferentz hosts a "on the side" session just off the podium. Here's a transcript of Tuesday's gathering.

Q: We have heard you in locker rooms after games, there is a passion. After Penn State last year...

Kirk Ferentz: I don't know what you are talking about. I don't remember that. I think it's a big game. It's big for everyone. I won't speak for them but I know its big for us. I don't think that will change and it's a good thing.

Q: Notice anything generally with kickoff thing?

Ferentz: I haven't seen many games. We watched Alabama-Michigan on the way home. Other than there will be more touchbacks, that is it.

Q: How do you feel about that rule to move kickoffs up to the 35?

Ferentz: I am for it. We haven't covered kicks so well the last few years. I'd move it up to the 40 if I could. I would vote for that.

Q: What about the men behind the identity of these programs..Kinnick and Trice...what does Nile mean here?

Ferentz: Same answer; two legendary stories. On the Nile Kinnick front, how fortunate are we to have someone like that to have a stadium named after him. The end of the story is unfortunate, but when he was alive and people you talk to who knew him or knew of him, they say he was an exceptional person. It's a great thing and a great story.

Q: Does Vandenberg have any baseball background, the ability to wash off a shaky start or a blown save or however you would call Saturday?

Ferentz: Those are your words, not mine. I think he played well. He led the tam and we won the game, that is the objective.

Q: Is there anything to the yards per completion or attempt stats?

Ferentz: It just says we didn't throw the ball as well as we wanted to. That is all it says. I am glad he is our quarterback. I am glad he is our quarterback for at least 11 more games.

Q: Is makeup part of that?

Ferentz: Absolutely. He is a good player and a great young guy. He is what we want in a quarterback. The throw he made that he didn't see at Purdue, he is an extremely tough guy. YOu can't play quarterback in college if you are not tough.

Q: How about those blind side hits he took Saturday?

Ferentz: He took one at the end on that two-point play. Those are things that will get cleaned up. He didn't say a word. He was laughing about it Sunday

Q: How much distance is there between Bullock and Garmon?

Ferentz: Damon is more familiar with what we are doing. He has the advantage of spring and he has been here. Greg has done a good job. Damon is further ahead just being in the program.

Q: Is it fair to say you were pleasantly surprised with Damon?

Ferentz: I didn't know what to expect. If any back that gets 150 yards, I will be..they get a passing grade for sure.

Q: Outside perception every year in this game is you have a decided advantage talent wise. You have never said that but does it make it harder for you?

Ferentz: I think it was said last week too, wasn't it? Someone told me we were ten point favorites. Games get decided on the field. All that stuff is really...overhyped and they have a good football team. They had a very impressive win against a good football team. I know what I have seen on film and I see a good football team.

Q: Will this be one of best LB corps you face?

Ferentz: I would imagine. Both of those guys are really good players and 52 has done a good job too.

Q: Bullock didn't have any offers until you guys came along in recruiting.

Ferentz: He is a perfect Iowa player. He fits right in with our mode of operation. At least we didn't make him walk on

Q: How did you find him?

Ferentz: We were looking. We were looking everywhere and anywhere.

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