Pre-CMU: Ferentz OTS

Transcript from Kirk Ferentz's extra media session on Tuesday. He talks about Jordan Canzeri's health.

Q: You might have a running back stable when everyone comes back.

Kirk Ferentz: Boy. We will cross that bridge. If we have two we will have more than we know what to do with. That is the only good thing that comes from things like this. Someone has to play. It forces our hand. We learned a lot more about Mark than we did before the game.

Q: With Bullock's injury, you don't know when you are going to get him back...

Ferentz: Canzeri would be the exception to that rule. Like with Jordan, I had him ruled out for this year in my mind. If you get a guy back sooner that is fine. I always look at worst case and start from there. I told the coaches on Sunday plan as if both of those guys will not be here. If you get one or two back that is a bonus and easier to adjust that way.

Q: Do you still do any ACL math with Canzeri?

Ferentz: Not really. It's like any injury. The medical people tell us when it's safe for them to return. Our job is to look at the player practice and perform. It's very conceivable that a guy can be cleared medically and not by us, it depends on the injury and position. One day at a time. He was cleared to play last week. It's a matter of when can he...part of that is the player's level of confidence, too. That is a big part of it

Q: How did he look in practice?

Ferentz: He looked OK. To the casual observer you would not know he is injured. But he hasn't done a great volume of work either.

Q: You have averaged a dozen or so more plays per game this year than from the same point last year. Why is that?

Ferentz: I cant explain that. A week ago, it was a crisis situation, right? (grunt). I am still fixating on that. We have a lot of things to work on.

Q: Quicker counts?

Ferentz: Just me standing on sidelines, I could not give you a logical answer. Things don't feel different. We had no huddle a few times, but you can count them on three or four fingers. I can't really explain it.

Q: With Bullock, is it a concussion, or concussion like symptoms?

Ferentz: He took a pretty good shot..if you slow it down, if you want to dissect, it look on the TV copy and slow it down and draw your own conclusions. He took a good hit and that is a part of playing football.

Q: Does it concern you, that from the naked eye it looks like Weisman may lead with helmet?

Ferentz: Football, that is the nature of football. That is why they wear headgear. That is football. that will never change unless they take pads off. Which we may do some day. It may be 7 on 7 tournaments. You laugh, but I am telling you. It would still be popular to a lot of people (grunts)

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