More to Hyde Arrest?

Micah Hyde met with the media on Tuesday for the first time since being arrested and jailed over the weekend. The Iowa senior said there's more to the story than has been made public.

Iowa CITY, Iowa - Although he declined to give details of his weekend arrest, Micah Hyde inferred that not all of the truth was public. He felt that those details could come out during the legal process.

"As of right now, I know Coach (Kirk) Ferentz knows the truth," Hyde said. "He's keeping it in house. I know that my teammates know. My coaches and my family know.

"I know what the problem really was. Maybe some day it will get out. I'm just glad the people close to me know."

Hyde was asked to talk about the incident's specifics. He declined. As he said, Ferentz wanted it in-house.

There was a sense that Hyde would have loved to have talked about what went down. He also wasn't pleased with some of the chatter outside of the facility

"I'm sure everybody has their beliefs of what happened out there," Hyde said. "It's like when we lose a football game. Everybody has their beliefs on what we should have done...

"It was an incident that could have been resolved. It didn't have to get that far (running from police according to the police report). It did, so I have to learn from it.

Hyde confirmed on Tuesday that he pleaded guilty to one of two charges he received. That news surfaced late Monday.

Hyde speaks extensively about his situation in the following video:

Iowa Coach Kirk Ferentz fielded questions about the weekend's events at Tuesday's weekly press conference. No. 2 TE Ray Hamilton (ticket) and reserve lineman Drew Clark (public into) also met with police.

Ferentz spoke about the weekend in this video:

Hyde's transgression did cost him something valuable. He was removed as a team captain and from the program's leadership committee. Ferentz said he hadn't determined of those statuses could change.

Since Saurday night's incidents, outsiders speculated whether or not Hyde and the others would face suspension. Ferentz made it clear on Tuesday that all three will be available Saturday provided they practice well and are healthy.

"None of them had any problems at all during their careers," Ferentz said. "So the Student Code of Conduct will handle it.

"On top of that, we have in-house things; we have a protocol for violations.  So they'll serve those also over the next couple of weeks and months here.

"But all three guys have done a good job here, and I expect that moving forward."

Ferentz's weekend statement about the incidents and him keeping Hyde No. 1 on Monday's depth chart, made it appear the Ohio native. I speculated that in this STORY.

"Chances are things like this are going to happen again," Ferentz said. "If I can hang in there 13 more years, we'll go through more of them, and we'll deal with them.  Who knows, it might be one of my kids.  You never know.

"That's part of life.  Part of life as a college coach or a college student."


-Ferentz said he wasn't optimistic about injured B.J. Lowery returning for Saturday's game. The coach said his junior returned to practice last week and suffered a setback, the coach said.

Starting RG Austin Blythe, like Lowery, missed the Minnesota game Sept. 29. Like Lowery, he also wasn't on the depth chart this week.

"We'll see how the week goes," Ferentz said.  "It's touch and go with Blythe and B.J."

On the positive front, Ferentz said on the Big Ten teleconference that RB Damon Bullock was cleared to play.

"As long as he practices well this week, which I expect," the coach said. "He's been doing fine."

Bullock has been sidelined since suffering a head injury during the first half of the Week 3 game.

-Ferentz said it's still too early to rule out playing running backs Jordan Canzeri and Michael Malloy this season.

"It's so early in the game," the coach said. "You guys know better than I do the history of playing football in the Big Ten.  So you just never know what's going to happen."

In other words, they're probably not going to pay unless needed, which likely would come from an injury to a player ahead of them.

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