Uncertain Future

Class of 2013 defenders David Kenney and John Kenny verbally committed to Iowa in April. Will the Indianapolis standouts remain together when the February signing day rolls around?

Their friendship has grown tremendously since first speaking in early spring. It's advanced to the point where they call each other's mom, mom.

Despite playing for rival Indianapolis high schools, David Kenney and John Kenny bonded over a common commitment. They verbally pledged to Iowa not long after meeting at April's Best of the Midwest Combine.

"It's a lot more than just Iowa, honestly," Kenney said of the bond. "We're around each other a lot. He and I have become like brothers."

Like siblings, it's hard to agree on everything. Right now, they're on different pages when it comes to recruiting.

Kenney announced late last month that he was considering an Indiana offer. The Class of 2013 Indianapolis Pike DE talked about it here.

It's hard to say how Kenney's uncertainty might affect the friendship going forward. Being at Iowa together would allow it to build.

"We want to play at the same school together and be classmates and roommates and things like that," Kenney said.

The 6-foot-2, 255-pound Kenney said he remains committed to Iowa. He also told Scout's Allen Trieu this week that Nebraska recently offered him a scholarship and he's considering a Lincoln visit.

"I'm still with Iowa but I'm not leaving IU out," Kenney said

Scout rates Kenney as a four-star recruit on its five-star scale. The service ranks him as the 29th-best DE in his class nationally.

Kenny, a 6-foot-2, 210-pound OLB from Carmel High is a Scout three-star and the 45th-rated player at his position in the country for '13.

These Indianapolis standouts could impact the Iowa defense. Their friendship could play a major role in making that happen.

"We're both outgoing," Kenny said. "He's a little kind of crazy and out there in public with his tweets and everything. We give each other a hard time about that stuff, but it's funny."

Kenny noticed Kenney wearing an Iowa shirt at the combine. They struck up a conversation. They reunited at some all-star photo shoots.

"We were around each other," Kenny said. "Then we started hanging out because we were going to Iowa. That's where we're at now."

Kenny and Kenney have visited Iowa City unofficially together three times.

"It's fun," Kenney said. "We talk about and envision ourselves there, playing there and the fans and the atmosphere."

The long trips from central Indiana to Iowa City and back also have included funny moments.

"We went with my dad the first time," Kenny said. "(Kenney) wouldn't eat at Panera Bread because it wasn't like, manly food, or something."

Said Kenney: "He didn't eat it either. It was weird. It was like girl food. They have those small sandwiches."

Though they may agree on eateries, their musical taste might differ.

"He likes to listen to all that rap stuff," Kenny said. "When he's in my car he always bumps that rap stuff. I usually don't listen to that."

"I don't even listen to rap music," Kenney says with a laugh. "I like country music."

One gets a sense that Kenney is less than truthful about his musical tastes. It's part of the dynamic between the two friends.

Kenny has visited IU with Kenney this fall. Unlike his buddy, he is not considering the Hoosiers.

Kenney feels like Kenny might change that view if he flipped to the home state school.

"I think we're more of a package, honestly," Kenney said. "Me and him talk about IU a lot. The program is coming up."

Said Kenny: "We aren't a package deal. I'm 100 percent committed to Iowa right now."

Kenny said he became a Hawkeye as a result of how he approached the recruiting process.

"I visited the schools that had a lot of interest and offered first," he said. "I wasn't trying to get other offers where they might not want you as bad. Maybe that's just me."

Kenny, Kenney and other verbal commitments in the 2013 class are expected to officially visit Iowa on Oct. 20 for the Penn State game.

"I'm pretty sure that Malik (Rucker), Ike Boettger and some other people might be coming that weekend, too," Kenny said. "We're trying to get a bunch of commits to go to that."

Iowa has secured 17 known verbal commitments in the group. Kenney was the first pledge, agreeing to become a Hawkeye on April 4. Kenney followed his lead on the 27th of that month.

Kenny believes his friend's early commitment could make it tough for Kenney to turn his back on the Hawkeyes. He's also connected with other verbals in the class.

"It's hard to pull the trigger and especially be the first one, which DK did," Kenny said. "That really does help knowing you are going to have a solid class not just go yourself."

Outsiders sometimes wonder if a team's current performance will affect decisions made the next group of recruits, positively or negatively. Iowa's 3-2 record is causing fickle fans and other critics to question the Hawkeyes' future.

"I don't think there's any second guessing just because you know the people, all the coaches and the players," Kenny said. "They work hard. Some stuff just doesn't go your way during a course of a game. There are so-called upsets every week.

"It hurts to see them lose. I feel like I'm part of the family already just by committing. I think it's the same as a fan's reaction to the game."

Kenney said he had heard last month that Iowa Coach Kirk Ferentz might be fired.

"That stuff is just crazy," Kenny said. "I don't really pay attention to that kind of stuff. I hope (Kenney) doesn't, either."

Kenney and Kenny live 20 minutes apart. They meet up in person at least once a week and communicate electronically almost every day.

"We talk about me and him and about our future playing together," Kenney said. "We want to play at the same school."

It might take months before we know if they'll head to Iowa, land together at Indiana or end up apart.

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