Travis A New Dual-Threat?

Boston College already has offered Reid Travis the option to play football and basketball, Iowa, Minnesota and others are considering it. Things are heating up for the Minneapolis DeLaSalle Standout.

For a while, Reid Travis worried about choosing between college basketball and football. He now appears focused on where he can play both sports.

"It's realistic because Boston College has already offered that," Minneapolis DeLaSalle Football Coach Sean McMenomy said. "A lot of the other schools are starting to kind of look towards it because he is a unique athlete."

McMenomy said Travis holds around 20 basketball scholarship offers. His one football opportunity comes from BC.

"I haven't coached a kid this (athletically) versatile," McMenomy said of the 6-foot-7, 230-pound Travis. "He's kind of a rarity. I'm definitely enjoying it."

Travis is being recruited as a quarterback, McMenomy said, who added that it was the only position he'd consider.

"He said he's not going to play college football to be a tight end or a D-end or anything like that," the coach said. "He's pretty set on playing the quarterback position. All these colleges are set on him playing the quarterback position."

While Travis would like to play both sports in college it won't be the only factor in his choice.

"He knows the basketball atmospheres," McMenomy said. "Now he's starting to get used to the football atmosphere by going around and checking out college games and talking to college coaches. I think it's just one of those things where when it comes down to it, a place that feels like a good fit, academically but also athletically as well."

Reid visited Iowa on Sept. 29 when the Hawkeyes knocked off Minnesota, 31-17, at Kinnick Stadium. He spent time with the Hawkeye football and basketball staffs.

"That's a great atmosphere," McMenomy said. "The coaches there are awesome. It was kind of a dual (visit).

"He got to talk to all of the basketball coaches as well and see the facilities. It was a great visit because he got to cover all his bases and see a really good game."

McMenomy felt confident that Iowa would offer Travis a scholarship for the two sports. Although, he'd really only need one of them just the assurance from the staffs that he could play football and basketball.

"I think it's not a matter of if, but when," the coach said of the Hawkeye package. "That's what they've kind of put across to us. It's going to happen. They're going to offer in football, and basketball, obviously. He'll have that option."

Home-state Minnesota is right in the mix.

"They're keeping busy," McMenomy said. "They're sending him stuff. They're on him, obviously for the basketball. He's already offered. They're taking it slow and watching how things progress with that."

Reid also is hearing from, among others, Alabama, Nebraska and Wisconsin for football. He reports basketball offers from USC, Washington State, Nebraska, Northwestern, Iowa State, Northern Iowa, Butler, Purdue, Penn State and Harvard.

"We're trying to finalize a visit to go to the Alabama-Auburn (football) game," McMenomy. "We're going to try to get out to Wisconsin this weekend. We'll try to get out to Michigan State. All of the Big Ten schools are really high on him."

Travis has visited Boston College. His coach felt like it was a matter of time before more football offers started rolling in.

"People are becoming pleasantly surprised with how well he runs and how he's throwing it," McMenomy said. "He's on fire right now. He had two incompletions in the last game and they were two drops."

Iowa Coach Fran McCaffery heavily pursued Ross Travis, Reid's brother, who plays basketball at Penn State.

The younger Travis is proceeding slowly through recruiting.

"He's in no rush," McMenomy said. "He's a smart kid. He's a 3.9 kid. He's going to evaluate everything. He'll make an educated decision based off that. He knows he's got plenty of time."

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