Edwards Takes Iowa Official

Berkley Edwards officially visited Iowa during the weekend. Read how the trip went for the Class of 2013 running back and when a college decision could be coming.

When it comes to Berkley Edwards' decision, timing won't be everything. It will, however, play a big role in the choice.

Edwards, who officially visited Iowa during the weekend, planned all along to wait until after his high school season to verbally commit. The 2013 running back from Chelsea (MI) High has been told by some schools that his timeline might not jive with theirs.

"Just looking from afar and observing how this process is going, what I think that is going to happen is the teams that have offered Berkley are going to offer other people or pull his scholarship offer," said Stan Edwards, Berkley's father. "Berkley is viewed as a kid with Division I talent but not one with a lot of leverage. They're not going to wait around on him."

Chelsea (6-3) opens the playoffs Friday at Tecumseh (7-2). If the visitors fall, Edwards' decision could come in a week to 10 days. The championship game is Nov. 16.

"I don't believe all of the teams are going to wait that long," Stan Edwards said. "If they offer another player at his position, Berkley has to decide if it's going to impact his decision or not. If they totally pull the scholarship, then that obviously speaks for itself."

Iowa told the Edwards family this weekend that it would prefer a decision sooner rather than later.

"He's a top priority for them and they've let that be known for quite some time now," Stan Edwards said. "We appreciate that because we know that Iowa has a business to run. We are fully aware of that, but this is a 17-year-old making a life altering decision. He has to make sure that he makes it at the right time and when he's most comfortable. There's a reason why players are de-committing all over the country."

Berkley stopped at Iowa after officially visiting California and Minnesota. Most of the MAC schools also have offered him a scholarship.

"Berkley is a running back that can run out of any offense," Stan Edwards said. "More importantly, he's a potential college student-athlete that understands that he has to make the best out of his situation wherever he goes. I don't think there's a bad opportunity for Berkley to play. Any place he goes is a wonderful opportunity."

Berkley camped at Iowa and has been building a relationship with the staff. Hawkeye Assistant Erik Campbell coached Berkley's brother, Braylon Edwards at Michigan.

"For me, I don't know that learned a great deal about the football part of it," Stan Edwards said of the Iowa visit. "I expected it to be a good visit. I've had the opportunity to sit down with Coach (Kirk) Ferentz at the camp and found out the kind of integrity he has in his program; the outstanding communication and people skills he has. That was nothing new and we enjoyed that again."

Stan, his wife and Berkley keep separate notes on each visit. The plan is to compare them when it's decision time.

"For me it was the academic piece," Stan said of the Iowa stop. "Everybody knew everything about myself, Berkley and the entire family. You could tell that they prepared and that it was important that they needed to know everything about Berkley. That stood out to all of us."

Penn State toppled the Hawkeyes, 38-14, on Saturday. The result didn't seem to reflect negatively on the Edwards family.

"The outcome of the game is not a big deal.," Stan said. "Everybody gets beat. Sometimes it's close. Sometimes it's by 40 points. That's not going to impact Berkley's decision.

"What is going to impact his decision is being able to understand what's the best place for him and if it's the right time."

When Berkley announces his college choice, the process likely will be over until he signs a national letter of intent in February.

"We've talked to Berkley about when he makes a decision he has to honor his word but he has to make a decision taking everything into consideration," Stan said. "It can't just be emotion. We had a process that we were going to stick with and we're going to stick by it. We understand that the schools have a process, too. It's a business. We know it's not personal. We get it."

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