Ferentz OTS Transcript

Iowa Coach Kirk Ferentz met with the media Tuesday before traveling to Indiana on the weekend. Here's a transcript from his On The Side press conference.

Q: What does the program need to get back to the 2009 level?

Kirk Ferentz: More wins, I guess. We won 11 games that year. I don't know what you are saying. Two years before that we were 6-6. There is ebb and flow in sports and there is ebb and flow during the course of seasons and season to season and during the course of the week. Those are broad based questions. Right now, the first step would be for us to win the next four games and that is what we are focused on. we are not going to the Orange Bowl this year, I don't think. I guess you could.

Q: Does the attrition that happened with the 2008-2010 classes affect you more than others?

Ferentz: Attrition is college football. There is ebb and flow in college football. It's there at programs where you might not think there would be, as was pointed out earlier. If it can happen at ‘brand name' schools, it can happen anywhere. That being said, this season is not over. We haven't written it off and we have four games we intend on playing as hard as we can.

Q: NCAA said yesterday that the buck stops with the head coach if there are transgressions with assistants.

Ferentz: Yeah. I haven;t seen it yet so I can't speak specifically. I looked at it 30 years ago when I got into coaching and thought it would be a good way to curtail some activities. That is where it should stop.

Q: Vandenberg and Cotton spent a lot of time together this offseason....

Ferentz: Jordan is one of the good stories we have right now. He was virtually invisible up until this year and he has done some nice things. Special teams, some good third down catches, things like that. His continued development would help us. James has been invested in that like any quarterback would be. It has been a real positive.

Q: How are some of the guys who are redshirting this year, how are they doing?

Ferentz: I think it's a good class and they appear to be working hard and transitioning well. It seems to be a good class. Right now I am more focused on the guys who are trying to help us/

Q: With the way Indiana is on special teams, do you emphasize that area more this week?

Ferentz: I think we have to be prepared for everything. It starts with their kicker, real good at kickoffs and field goals. The big jump he has made is leg strength. More touchbacks than years past. They are a good special teams outfit and good return guys.

Q: You have worked here without contract Is Greg Davis OK with a one year deal and when do you revisit that?

Ferentz: We haven't even talked about it. He is a great guy. I am excited to have him here and am glad he came. He isn't too worried about it nor am I.

Q: All assistants are one year guys, as they are employed at your discretion, right?

Ferentz: That is how it is. Most of them know if they do their jobs...instead of talking about it past performance has something to say about it. Do your job. It is what everyone is supposed to do and they are.

Q: Do you have to go through the hiring process again with the OC position?

Ferentz: Not to my knowledge. I think he is officially on board now. Nobody has to audition.

Q: Are you any more diligent about the outside noise now with your players, trying to keep them focused on football?

Ferentz: I have always addressed it, even back in the dark ages of the early 2000's, 1999. I always have addressed it. I address it then move on.

Q: How have you developed thicker skin..someone calls your radio show and suggests that you move to Cleveland..it's human nature to react negatively towards that.

Ferentz: Actually not. There were a lot of benefits to spending six years in the NFL. One of the biggest once was just to learn that...grunt...not to worry too much about things you can't control. I have always understood that people will react very positive, probably too positively when we do well and when we lose it's the opposite. The world is not ending and it's not the creation of a new civilization when we win. We are worried about the things we need to worry about and that is one thing I learned.

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