Edwards Focuses on Decision

Berkley Edwards has said for a while that he would choose a college after his final high school season. That times has come for the 2013 Michigan running back.

With his final high school season completed, Berkley Edwards and his family will focus on his college choice. The decision could come as early as next week.

"We haven't had a chance to talk about it," said Stan Edwards, Berkley's father. "We'll sit down and talk about it this weekend."

The Edwards' Family has said that Berkley could announce his choice within a week to 10 days after the season. Chelsea (MI) High lost on Friday. Iowa, Minnesota and Cal have played host to an official visit.

"We all have (notes) written down," Stan Edwards said. "Me, my wife and Berkley all talk about different pieces of the puzzle from schematics to playing time to coach stability to the number of running backs that are playing on the roster, what grades they are in."

That could hurt the Hawkeyes, who have solid depth at the position. Then again, it's running back and at Iowa that means attrition through injuries, transfers and other things.

One thing is for sure, the Edwards' process will be thorough. Stan recalled a story regarding his older son, Braylon, and Jason Avant, Steve Breaston and Carl Tabb when they were all at Michigan.

"All these guys said that if they knew Braylon was that good they wouldn't have come to Michigan," Stan said. "Since Braylon didn't play a lot as a freshman, Michigan told those guys, Oh, (Braylon is) not going to figure into our plans.

"(College programs are) trying to stockpile people. It's a business. And I understand that.

"What we have to do as a family is go up and down the roster, look at the names that are on the roster and do our own research as to who these backs are, how good they may be and all of that."

Stan has reviewed the Iowa roster with Berkley.

"Just at running back, I think we counted six that they had lined up on the roster," he said. "The seventh one is listed as fullback and who is Mark Weisman. When people say there's a great opportunity to play here, it's not that simple for us."

Stan said he's not expecting any guaranteed playing time.

"He has to earn his carries," Stan said. "You have to have the toughness and willingness to come in and compete. That's fine. He'll do that. Bur we've got to be smart about it. If he goes to the wrong school, none of those folks have to deal with that."

Stan also couldn't guarantee that his son's announcement would be next week. It hinges on the family having enough time to review things together this weekend.

"The only thing that I think may get in the way is probably us not having the opportunity to do that," he said. "(Iowa, Minnesota, Cal) have to make a decision. If they believe the time is up for them to wait for Berkley to make a decision and have to move on, we understand that.

"There's no hard feelings. It's a business. This is a life-altering decision that Berkley has to make. He's not going to do it because everybody thinks it's time for him to do it."

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