World of Premium

One year ago, everything was very simple with ole' reliable, but have things ever changed within one year's time. Now Hawk fans have probably TOO many options to choose from when it comes to Hawkeye information. However, here at will fully intend to be the best source of information again for Hawkeye news just like we were at!!!!

Obviously, many companies and independent sites have released their premium content within the last few weeks. In fact, a few of these sites are our current competition on the internet for Hawkeye information. plans to relase its premium content within the next week. We are a part of Sports Network, and our premium plan will be relatively similar to the premium ticket over at AllianceSports. We intend to have a different premium package for team specific news and the recruiting network.

There will be a few differences between the premium packages. Here at, we plan to honor suscriptions from all previous annual suscribers at until January 1st, 2002. Also, it will be the same price that it was at, $4.95/month. There will be an annual plan at $59.95/year. Features that will be released at different times in the fall will include: Premium Chat, Premium Message Boards, E-Mail Alerts, and MUCH MUCH more, which I can't get into right now.

Right now, we are currently working on gaining affilations, partnerships, and sponsorships to make our premium product even that much better. 0044 and The Shadow will continue to bring the lastest gossip to the message boards, Dan Cagley will continue his contributions to wrestling, baseball and other spring sports, and of course I'll work my hardest to continue to bring you the latest in Hawkeye football and recruiting.

We will still have a free section of the site, which will consist of stories like Dan Cagley's very popular "Remember The Ironmen". Don't worry, we don't intend to be a "pay only" site, but premium will be the key model to this site and is how we are supported for putting all the work that we put into the site. This isn't a get rich quick scheme, but rather something we hope to have for the long-term and being very benefitical for not only us, but Hawk fans all across the country.

Remember, this is NOT a marathon and not a sprint. We plan to be around for a very long time, and contrary to what our competition may say, our own personal savings and belongings are being put into this so we have costs to make up. is being affiliated with VulcanPublications and UnderGround Online. These two companies are TWO huge reasons I'm very confident in and doing business with!!!!!

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