Iowa Eyes Sunrise Duo

Iowa has dropped in to see a pair of 2014 standouts of Kansas. Sunrise Christian's Lourawls Nairn and Marvin Clark are garnering a lot of attention from the Hawkeyes and others.

Iowa pulled center Gabe Olaseni out of Sunrise Christian Academy a few years ago. The Hawkeyes have returned to the Kansas high school hoping to land a couple of 2014 prospects.

Speedy Point Guard Lourawls Nairn and Marvin Clark, an athletic wing, have secured Iowa scholarship offers, according to Sunrise Coach Kyle Lindsted.

"I believe they have Iowa offers," Lindsted said. "I believe that if either one of them said they were going to Iowa that they could go to Iowa. There are probably three or four guys on our team that they're interested in, but I think Lourawls Nairn and Marvin Clark are at the top of the list."

The Hawkeyes have plenty of company in the pursuit of the Sunrise duo, Lindsted said. The coach estimates that Nairn holds at least 20 high-major offers and is hearing from, among others, North Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana and Kansas. UCLA is looking at Clark, who has roughly 10-15 BCS opportunities.

"(The Hawkeyes) have been in to see (Nairn and Clark) a couple of times," Lindsted said. "Fran (McCaffery) has only been here once. Sherman (Dillard) has maybe been in twice.

"They're recruiting them, but I just don't know how intense it is. We haven't really got into recruiting with either of those guys."

Lindsted said Nairn reminds him of former North Carolina lead guard Raymond Felton.

"(Nairn) is special. He is the fastest point guard in America," Lindsted said. "He's a blur from end to end. One of the Illinois coaches said they hadn't seen anybody that fast since Derrick Rose.

"He's tiny. He's about 5-10. But he's ridiculously strong. He looks like a defensive back that could be a linebacker. He's a fast-twitch athlete. He dunks it with ease."

Clark is on the receiving end of quite a few Nairn passes.

"(He) is a fantastic left-handed athlete," Lindsted said. "He's very athletic. He finishes around the rim and is always exciting. First and foremost, he's a shooter."

Nairn, originally from the Bahamas, and Clark, a Kansas City native, run with the MO-KAN AAU squad. Lindsted expects the recruitment of the tandem to pick up when that season tips off in April.

"The spring is going to tell us a lot.," Lindsted said. "If (Nairns) does what we think he will in the spring, he's going to be able to pick any place in the country to go to school. We think he's going to be a Top 5 point guard.

"We feel the same way about Clark."

Sunrise is scheduled to play in a tournament at Quakerdale Prep in Iowa in late January. While on the state, there's a chance that Lindsted will bring his team to the Hawkeyes' game against Wisconsin on the 19th.

"We talked about it," he said.

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