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A.J. and Trevor Allen turned heard this fall by helping Waukee (Iowa) put together one of the better seasons in school history. The brothers attended Iowa's junior day last weekend and have other stops planned.

The recruiting process can overwhelm a teenager. Fortunately for A.J. and Trevor Allen, they have an experienced guide.

Andre Allen, the boys' father, was courted by colleges as a multi-sport athlete for Des Moines North in the early 1990s. He ended up playing football for Northern Iowa.

"Being a parent that has played collegiate ball and professional ball, I can understand and see those intricacies they might not see," Andre Allen said. "They might see the glamour and excitement of being recruited by such and such. "Look, they're showering us with love."

"I can talk to the coaches and get down deep inside. I'm not playing. They have to play for themselves. At the same time, I want them to have the understanding that there are pros and cons for each school."

The Allen brothers excel at multiple sports for Waukee (Iowa) High. College football coaches at the highest level are showing interest in them.

Iowa played host to the Allens at their junior day on Sunday. They've set up trips to similar events at Iowa State and Nebraska, two schools they've already visited. They also have been to Missouri.

Andre Allen said his sons have been invited to see Texas, Michigan, Arizona State, Oregon and Boise State. The family plans to see them and attend as many team camps as they can this summer.

"It's going to be exciting to see all of these schools and what they have to offer," Andre said.

A.J. Allen, a Class of 2014 member, is being recruited as a defensive back and linebacker. He may start his college career at the former and grow into the latter.

College scouts see Trevor, a sophomore, as someone who can play on either side of the ball, Andre said. He also is looking to play baseball at the next level.

"Initially I thought he was just going to be a baseball player," Andre said. "Then he came out this year in football and shined and threw me off. I was pleased to see his skills in football. Just having those options is very exciting for him."

Trevor rushed for 1,164 yards and 19 touchdowns in earning all-state honors. The Des Moines Register tabbed him as an elite all-state selection.

While what position A.J. (6-1, 190) and Trevor (6-0, 175) play in college still is up in the air, it appears they will be doing their thing at the same school.

"If they decide that they want to go separate ways, that is quite fine," Andre said. "They're very close as brothers and I think they would like to stay together. They would prefer to stay together."

Several schools have extended scholarship offers to the Allen brothers, Andre said.

"We have a few but we're not going to accept anything right now," he said. "I want them to stay focused on that they're doing now. I want A.J. to go into his senior year having tried out a few other places this summer camp wise.

"A.J. will make his decision going into his senior season. Trevor will make his decision when the opportunity presents itself. He may or may not make his decision this year."

Andre said he could not reveal which schools had offered opportunities to his sons.

"They don't want me to tell," he said. "They want to be the ones to tell where they have their offers from. We've always been private about that type of stuff."

Andre said A.J. is interested in following in his footsteps by studying accounting in college.

"I've been trying to push him more towards the engineering side because you can do a lot more things with an engineering degree," Andre said.

Iowa and Iowa State each has played host to the Allens on several occasions.

"Iowa has been doing a great job," Andre said. "We've been to a couple of games there. They've always shown a lot of interest about our games and what happened the night before. That's real gratifying for them."

The Cyclones also have made an impression on the family.

"Iowa State has done a really good job," Andre said. "(Paul) Rhoads is really intense. I like that intensity. I like the things he does for the kids. He shows them just how much they mean to the program at Iowa State.

"You have to give kids a lot of attention to get them to come to Iowa State. For him to be able to get players like Allen Lazard to early commit and come to Iowa State, that's a huge plus. He got (Jake) Campos to go there instead of Missouri. He's been pulling some big name kids from around the state already."

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