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Friday's football notebook includes the hiring of Chris White, an injury update, list of assistant coaches recruiting assignments, links to the Kirk Ferentz Transcript and Prime Cuts videos.

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IOWA CITY, Iowa - Iowa Head Coach Kirk Ferentz filled the final spot on his staff on Friday by hiring Minnesota Vikings assistant Chris White. The Massachusetts native was brought on to replace the departed Lester Erb as running backs coach and special teams coordinator.

"He's an excellent football coach," Ferentz said. "He was here this week, and I was extremely impressed with what he presented to us and some of the drills that he showed us, what have you, both special teams-wise, and offensively, so I think he'll be a great fit."

Ferentz announced the hiring of Bobby Kennedy (WRs) and Jim Reid (co-LBs) last week. D.J. Hernandez was brought on board earlier this month.

White was an assistant special teams coach in Minnesota the last four seasons. He was the recruiting coordinator at Syracuse during the four years before joining the Vikings.

You can check out White's credentials here.

Ferentz has brought in six new full-time assistants in the last 14 months. Phil Parker, Reese Morgan and Eric Johnson were the only current coaches on the staff for the 2011 season.

Recruiting Responsibilities: Ferentz broke down the recruiting assignments for assistants during Friday's press conference.

Here's how it will go:

Brian Ferentz - Chicago area and %%MATCH_28%%.

LeVar Woods - Kansas City area and Texas.

Eric Johnson - St. Louis area, Minnesota and Indiana.

Reese Morgan - Iowa, Nebraska, and the Dakotas.

Jim Reid - Chicago and Ohio.

Chris White - Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia.

Phil Parker - Michigan and Ohio.

Bobby Kennedy - Texas.

Greg Davis - Texas.

Keep in mind that Iowa will recruit in other areas of the country. If there's a relationship or connection, it could take the Hawkeyes anywhere. The assignments listed above are primary recruiting areas.

"We try to be as thorough as we possibly can," Ferentz said. "It's important that the coaches in the Midwest and Big Ten areas have a comfort level with who we are and what we are, and the people that come into our schools."

Coaching Responsibilities: We mentioned the newcomers above. Kennedy was placed in charge of receivers and White the running backs. Reid will assist Woods with linebackers, Ferentz said.

Morgan stays with the defensive line with help from Johnson, who also serves as recruiting coordinator. Brian Ferentz continues with the offensive line and Davis is the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. Parker remains as the defensive coordinator and picks up the defensive backs, the position he coached before being promoted last season.

White and Woods will team up to tutor the special teams along with graduate assistant Kelvin Bell.

Injury Update: Ferentz announced that offensive linemen Brandon Scherff and Andrew Donnel, who suffered season-ending injuries in '12, will be full go for spring practice. Luis Trinca-Pasat and Nolan MacMillan will miss drills in the next few months due to off-season surgeries, he said.

The coach also said that Jim Poggi and Brad Rogers will take medical redshirts. Their Iowa playing careers have come to an end.

"They've both had some persistent injury issues," Ferentz said. "They both decided it's best right now that they put the brakes on things. So that's always a tough thing, because as I say every time, anybody gets hurt, they come here with high aspirations and high hopes and wanting to be part of the team certainly. It's just not an easy transition for guys. So that's disappointing."

Reversing Course?: Ferentz and his Big Ten coaching counter parts met in Chicago recently. Out of that gathering, they asked the NCAA to rethink recent changes regarding college staff's contact with recruits. The SEC joined the fight NCAA earlier this week.

"It sounds like this thing is slowing down a little bit on the total free-for-all that was being proposed," Ferentz said. "At least, hopefully, whenever this clears up a little bit, there will be some good guidelines.

"I know that's an issue that the NCAA's been looking at for quite a while. How do you define who is who, and what is what? I think we have to be really careful and make sure they work under the constraints and regulations."

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