Give Fantasy Football the Old College Try and Fantasy Sports Enterprises, Inc. would like to introduce you to their college football game, Fantasy Cup College Football. No doubt you have played, or at least have heard of, fantasy games for NFL Football, but have you ever tried your skills as a knowledgeable football fan on an NCAA Football fantasy league?

Fantasy Cup College Football 2001 is now entering its fourth season and all the bells and whistles that you have come to expect from the pro game are here, and more, with this exciting fantasy college football game.

The regular cost to play the game is $99.95, however, we will offer a discount to each signup, so the game will cost them $89.95. The fee, however, is a one-time fee. Unlike many fantasy games you are familiar with there is no fee for trades. Thus, when they say there are no hidden charges that's exactly what you get. All internet access to their website (, all phone calls to their live operator call center (1-888-611-SACK), all trades, and all bi-weekly mailings are free.

The season runs from September 1, 2001 through, and including, November 17, 2001. That's twelve exciting weeks of fantasy college football.

Here's how the game works. Each participant will have a $10 Million fantasy budget with which to purchase eight schools from a list of NCAA Divison 1-A schools. Each team is valued based on their pre-season expectations for the upcoming season. For example, the University of Florida is valued at $2,250,000, Notre Dame at $1,650,000 and the Navy at $300,000. As you can see, you can't just pick the top eight ranked teams.

Each week you'll score points based on how each of your eight teams do in their games that week. The top 100 scores for that week win, with the top 25 receiving cash and the remaining 75 receiving hats, t-shirts, etc.

The values change after every other week and schools that are doing well will increase in value and teams that are doing poorly will decrease. Once the values change, your $10 Million salary cap becomes a rolling cap and your new cap each week is equal to the current (new) value of each of your eight teams plus whatever is left over in your cash bank account.

Each owner is permitted to make up to four free trades each week and at the end of the challenge the owner who has accumulated the most overall weekly points wins the Grand Prize of $20,000! Plus, finishers 2 thru 100 will win cash prizes (ranging from $5,000 for 2nd place to $50 for 100th), as well.

Give Fantasy Cup College Football 2001 the old college try and make your college football season even more exciting this year. For your free rule book call use toll-free at 1-888-611-SACK or visit us online at

If your a true believer in the Hawks being the surprise of not only the Big10, but the whole nation, then here is your chance to take from others that are saying otherwise about the Hawks!!!!

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