Miami Women's Postgame

Miami Coach Katie Meier and her players spoke with the media after their loss to Iowa in the first round of the NCAA Tournament on Sunday. Here's the postgame transcript and video.

Q. You were able to work the ball inside early in the first half, did you feel like you had gotten some control or had the momentum then? And then what changed in the second half? Why were you unable to get inside?

Shawnice Wilson: I did feel like I had control. I just felt like we went away from what was working and I was getting the ball inside. Just kind of working through our offense, I think we went away from that. I think that's like the main thing. But I felt like I had control inside.

Q. Morgan, Coach mentioned that their defense caused you fits. What was it about them that kind of threw off your offensive game?

Morgan Stroman: We just weren't being aggressive, the aggressive team we normally are on offense and that shut us down and we needed to score.

Q. Defensively, you guys were pretty strong the first half and it seemed like they were having a little trouble there with your athleticism, but in the second half, they got open for threes, particularly Dixon made three in a row in a short period of time. What changed? Did they do anything differently than they did the first half or did they just execute better?

MORGAN STROMAN: No, they still played their game. We knew that they had great shooters and we were open and they were able to hit them.

Q. You said a minute ago that the ball meant more to them than it meant to us. You did out-rebound them, I think by 16; was that what you were talking about or was it just loose balls? Elaborate more on that.

COACH MEIER: Well, 24 turnovers, and I didn't see a press. We just really were very loose and very much -- I thought our guards spent a lot of time with their shoulders, one shoulder to the rim instead of two shoulders to the rim. So we played a lot of perimeter reversals and didn't really get a piece of the paint. We are good at that.

COACH MEIER: Well, I think I jinxed them in the press conference, when you asked me the key to Iowa and I said Samantha Logic, because, boy, she must have heard that. She was phenomenal. I don't sugarcoat much and I think it was a shockingly poor performance by us, on the offensive end, just shockingly poor. And when I saw that, I'm trying to compliment my team because we were just clicking and so confident and so great in the time we had off together and just really felt like we solved a lot of our issues.

So, I'm shocked in a very positive way. Disappointed for them (Miami) but just can't believe our percentages, even today in the shoot around, we shot over 80 percent on the free throw drill we did and came out and didn't get over 50 in crucial moments.

I have a lot of faith in this team, and I'm really disappointed. But I can tell you, Iowa has got some basketball players, they play basketball, they are composed. The ball means more to them than it means to us, and that's a heck of a compliment to them. Their guards controlled the game the whole game. They were strong with the ball. We were very loose with the ball and we were staring at Pepper, like, that was our offense and

I thought she responded to that call. But we're more than that, and that's why I'm so disappointed and shocked.

But you know, I don't want to take anything away from Iowa offensively. A lot of their defensive game plan caused us to hesitate and get on our heels and really not be the aggressive, quick-strike team that we need to be in the first half of our offensive possession. So very, very, very disappointed and just really, like I said, shocked.

They had two guards that had 36 points and we had two posts that had 30. That was the game. I thought our interior defense was phenomenal with Johnson, but we know that was it. Our two posts probably had to have more than 15 each for us to win it, if that's how it was rolling with us. And I think in usual times, we were just about to get a great look inside and we were a little careless with the ball, passing on our heels. It really hurt us.

Then we had so many-- we had 25 offensive rebounds and only turned into 17 second-chance points. That's almost hideous. I mean, you've got to get those balls and you've got to put them back in. It can't be -- 25 offensive rebounds has to be at least 25 points.

Q. Can you talk about Melissa Dixon coming out, two three-pointers?

COACH MEIER: Well, you know, that's what she does and I just think that's one of the more dangerous people coming off the bench in the country because of her mental toughness. She can just come in cold, come off the bench cold and strike you down.

I have high regard for their mental toughness and high regard for the IQ of their guards. This matchup, like I said, I really thought it would come done to their guards handling our pressure and getting a little bit free and hitting down a big time shot and how many points could we get in the paint to counteract that. That's what I thought it would come down to.

I'm really pleased with our rebounding numbers. I mean, we really did that part, Part A; but we didn't turn that into success Part B, and they did. They got an open three in a crucial moment, they hit it and that's a huge credit to them and their coaching staff. They did a great job.

Q. I noticed Iowa's changed defenses several times, man, 2-1-2 and a different zone in there, too. I'm sure you expected that but did that disrupt your offense any?

COACH MEIER: I mean, I guess you could say yeah, I wasn't upset -- I wasn't like rattled by it or anything, but maybe the rhythm. They did a nice job picking their spots there. But you know, we had our vision. We had vision. It wasn't -- it didn't feel like our vision was taken away and that's why we lost our composure. Perhaps a matter of our timing. Just want to say, did a great job, Iowa hosting this event, just big-time classy place, classy environment, great administration. Thank you for having us.

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