Hawks Talk: Miami Win

Iowa players Samantha Logic and Melissa Dixon talk about their victory against Miami Sunday night in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. Here's a video and transcript from the press conference.

Q. Sam, after Coach Meier's comments about needing to stop you yesterday, did you feel kind of responsible to take the game into your hands tonight?

Samantha Logic: I didn't think to take it into my own hands, just to be composed and not let whatever they are going to try to throw at me rattle me.

Obviously I have a great team around me and they can't just focus on one person, as I said, and it just ended up that it was me tonight -- that you can't stop anyone, and anybody could end up being the leading scorer and it just ended up being me today.

Q. Sam, talk about staying composed when they got very helter-skelter there in the first half and maybe you were the one calming influence. Talk about your role in that, how did you prepare?

SAMANTHA LOGIC: That's what the role of a point guard is, just being the coach out on the floor, being the director of everything. When it was going like that, you just had to take a deep breath. We had the home crowd, we were not playing well, we had foul trouble in the first half and only down one. We just really had to stay in the game and pull away at the end. But ending the first half well, like Coach said, different lineups that we are not used to was really big.

Q. Melissa, it seemed like your guys really took off when you hit those threes early in the second half. Halftime, you had no points, two fouls and three turnovers and somehow you were able to turn that around. Talk about that stretch, about a minute and a half where the game really changed.

MELISSA DIXON: I was really rested going into the second half (laughter) we ran our set plays really well. They switched on a couple of the screens and allowed me to be open and my teammates made some really good passes to me.

Q. Talk about that a little. How do you find that -- how did you find it?

MELISSA DIXON: You just have to have a short memory and you just have to know the next one is going in and to have that confidence that the next one was going in, and I was able to do that in the second half. And my teammates also had a lot of confidence in me, so that helps a ton.

Q. Sam, talk about the confidence this team has facing a team that tries to press you?

SAMANTHA LOGIC: Well, it's really helpful, you can't really, again, key in on one person that -- we have Jaime, T and Melissa, we can all bring it up and or when Patricia came in or Kathy came in and played some big minutes in the first half; just to be able to guard that is difficult. Instead of having one person that you rely on to bring the ball up, like we can run and do our offense through anyone, so that's really huge.

Q. This is for Sam or Melissa. When you are the home team and you've got the crowd, could you guys feel a little bit that that crowd was waiting for something to happen and maybe when Melissa hits the shots, then they can finally let loose; could you guys sense that?

MELISSA DIXON: Definitely, we had the best fans. Our Hawk fans are incredible and to be able to play on our home court was so huge and they were behind us the whole time so that really helped I think.

SAMANTHA LOGIC: Yeah, definitely in the first half, we just tried to get back into it more. When we started off the game, they were great and then we let the lead get away from us a little bit.

But going into halftime and coming out in the second half, you really want to start strong and that gives you a little bit of momentum and gets the crowd into it, too.

Q. Can you comment on Melissa, her output there, you guys were down seven, did you feel that the game was starting to slip a little bit before she caught fire a little bit?

SAMANTHA LOGIC: It was pretty early in the second half still, so it wasn't slipping in our minds. We just knew we had to get our defensive stops. We ran our sets, like Melissa said, really well and we had the utmost confident in her coming in even though not playing a lot in the first half, to do what she does best.

Knocked them down definitely got the crowd back into it. It never felt like it was slipping away or anything, especially when you have shooters like her on your team.

Q. Sam or Melissa, any preliminary thoughts on your matchup Tuesday with Notre Dame and the challenges going up against them?

SAMANTHA LOGIC: Yeah, you think about it a little bit, seeing them win before we did. But obviously before the game, we were focused on Miami. Now we get to think about it a little bit more.

Again, we have a home game. Hopefully have a great crowd behind us again. But we have no expectations or no pressure on us, I don't think, having a team of that caliber on your home floor is just something to gain from.

MELISSA DIXON: I think we all think that we don't have anything to lose and we have this incredible opportunity to have Notre Dame come play on our home court. So that helps a lot.

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