Bluder Postgame

Iowa Coach Lisa Bluder met with the media after her team's first-round NCAA win against Miami Sunday night at Carver-Hawkeye Arena. Here's the transcript and video from the press conference.

COACH BLUDER: I'm just really happy for this basketball team. They wanted this win. Our fans were terrific today. They came out and supported us and we really fed off that, especially in the second half. I thought it got very loud in there.

Sam Logic, I mean, she really was extraordinary today. Again, there's not many point guards in the country that are going to average double-double with rebounds and points.

Melissa Dixon was a great spark off of the bench for us again in the second half. First half we kind of had some unusual lineups in there with some foul trouble and we withstood that and we also withstood their 25 offensive rebounds, which was kind of tough to swallow. But when you look at how many points they scored off those offensive rebounds, you can see they only scored 17, and we scored 15 points off the offensive rebounds, so in the end it wasn't that much of an advantage for them.

Very, very proud of our basketball team and excited to be able to stand and play again on Tuesday night in Carver-Hawkeye Arena. Q. Have you ever had a game where you had 53 rebounds on you?

COACH BLUDER: Yeah, for us to get out-rebounded by that margin and still find a way to win, I feel very good -- I don't feel good about the rebounds but I feel good that we found a way to win despite that, even though the heavy rebounding advantage for them.

But it is amazing they have 25 offensive rebounds and only have 17 points where we have 14 offensive rebounds and 15 points. So it really did not turn into that much of an advantage for them, even though they were -- obviously we don't want to give up that many offensive rebounds.

Q. What were you doing defensively to disrupt what they wanted to do?

COACH BLUDER: Well, I hope we had something to do with it. I think our zone spread it out, getting hot hands, made them make some cross-court passes that they really didn't want to do and I think it took some time off the clock for them.

I'm extremely happy that we have 16 turnovers and they have 24 turnovers. I thought coming in, we kept hearing, defense, defense, and then we kind of turned the table on that as far as the turnover area.

Q. What was the big difference in the second half?

COACH BLUDER: Well, you know, we got down seven and then Melissa Dixon came to play. You know, she has three threes in a minute and a half, I believe, during that stretch. And then Jaime Printy got one from not far down the time line there.

You know, we had an 18-point swing I believe in six minutes and when we hit some of those threes, it really got us going. I think that's when the crowd did get into it.

Somebody asked that earlier, but I think when Melissa hits those threes and we are down seven and all of a sudden she hits two threes and we are down one, I think this place was ready to go and they got behind us and I think then we were just on a roll.

Q. Can you talk about winning an NCAA Tournament game on your home floor, does that feel good after five years ago you couldn't do it?

COACH BLUDER: Yeah, it feels really good. You know, any time you win a game, it's great. You win at home, it's special. You win in the NCAA Tournament, it's amazing. And it's amazing for our seniors.

Those three seniors get to play another game in Carver-Hawkeye Arena and that means a lot to them. So I'm glad for those three seniors that they get another opportunity to suit up and come out the tunnel in Carver.

Q. What about Notre Dame?

COACH BLUDER: You know, I have really not looked forward to them. I've always been -- my philosophy, one game at a time, and I have assistants that do that for me and they will have a report for me when I get up there.

But I'm not a person that looked ahead, so I have not watched any film on them and I am probably the only person in America that has not seen them a whole lot on TV. They have been on TV in the Bluder house, but I have also been doing homework with my children and doing dishes and things like that when they are on, so I really haven't sat and analyzed them.

Q. This is kind of off the game, but in this year, prime example, you don't see the upsets early on; why is that? Is it because you're playing on home court?

COACH BLUDER: Well, there are 15 home court sites this year, so there are quite a few. But I don't think that's any different than what we've had in the past. We have always had kind of significant home courts. You know, there's not -- you know, there's just not as much parity in women's basketball as there is in men's basketball right now, and that's unfortunate.

And you know, until we get the parity -- and it's getting better. Because it used to be, you could talk about three teams that were going to make it to the Final Four and you knew those. Now, hey, we are talking about eight or ten that could possibly make it, and I think that's good.

But yeah, we need to get the parity between the ten to 50, would be really nice.

Q. A couple times after you got that lead, Miami got it down a little bit. What did you tell the team to keep that going, keep building?

COACH BLUDER: I think we got it down to nine at one time after we got a significant lead. We talked about the team, they are going to come out and press and they are going to start changing up the defense and doing some traps in the full court and bring up the intensity on the defense.

So just keeping our composure against them and we said three frees, defense, box out and obviously didn't help work too well, but taking care of the ball. Those were the three keys in the last, eight, ten minutes for us and in my opinion was keep playing the defense, keep trying to box out, and let's just take care of the basketball.

Q. I know you probably weren't paying too much attention to what else is going ton in the tournament, but that's now six Big Ten teams that are in the second round, about as many men's teams that advanced. The men get a lot of press obviously and talk about how strong they are, but how strong can you speak to is the women's side of the Big Ten?

COACH BLUDER: And you're telling me that all six of our Big Ten teams won in the first round for women? That's tremendous. So six teams stand in the Final 32.

You know, this year, we were the second-best rated team in the conference, or in America, and I think this kind of proves that. Obviously we'd like to move it up a notch, but very, very happy with the success. It has to be the best success that we've had in the NCAA Tournament for the Big Ten Conference, that's tremendous.

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