Ferentz on Recruiting

Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz talked about the on-going discussions related to coaching contacts with recruits.

Q. I know you talked about the recruiting stuff and how that was going to be deregulated. Do you see yourself going ahead and trying to another set of eyes?

?COACH FERENTZ: I need more clarity, this is kind of an ongoing thing. There are people doing things a little bit differently throughout the country. I'm a little confused, quite frankly, on what the interpretations are. But you know, you have got to be careful about how you do that. ?And moving forward, I think right now all that stuff got tabled. I think I will speak for all the coaches in our conference, I think we're all hoping maybe we all can we're going to meet here later in April and come back with some ideas that we would like to present in terms of how to make our game better and our from that standpoint, what is workable, what isn't workable?

I think the main idea is to make sure there is uniformity nationally. That may be impossible to do, but just so everybody is kind of operating under the same there is a lot of fuzzy areas right now that are out there. I think that really the next step is to sit down with people from different parts of the nation. And coaches shouldn't make the rules. I'm not proposing that. I think they probably should at least offer up some input and information.

?Q. You guys have offered a couple of sophomores. I think you have done that in the past. You have taken a commitment from James Morris. Now you are actually scouting them. Is that one of the biggest changes?

?COACH FERENTZ: Yeah, it is. A, I don't know how you legislate it. Then B, I don't know how far you can go back, how young you can go with guys. I don't know how you legislate that one. Just kind of the world we're living in right now. There's more exposure, more information out there. The earlier you offer a guy, the more risk there is, too. That player may not develop into who you think. That is how the world is changing there.

?Q. What are your preferences contact wise? What do you think is a good plan?

?COACH FERENTZ: I mentioned I think coaches should have some input, I think they ought to talk to parents and talk to high school coaches too and ask for opinions. That being said, there are some parents that would let their kids get called in ninth grade and think that's healthy. I'm on the other side of the fence. I wouldn't want my kid being worried about recruiting when he is in the 11th grade. They should just worry about being as good as they can be where they're at.

?It's kind of like our guys. The NFL will be there if they are good enough, if they play well enough as college players. I think kids ought to be allowed to be kids, too. Somehow there's got to be some balance in there. If we are going to open up contracts, if that train is going down the track, fine. Like we do now, we have dead periods, and then three weeks of contact, then a dead period, three weeks of contact, just give people a break from it. Maybe it's important to anybody as the prospects. If we're allowed to call them, we're going to call them. That is just how it is. They are probably going to answer. It's one of those deals.

?My gripe about texting, I can easily envision one of my sons with his phone under his desk in English class looking at his texts. Not that that's not happening anyway. That is just the world we're living in right now. At some point a kid ought to be able to go to English class and listen to the teacher, and then go to the cafeteria and sit with Suzy Smith for a while and talk to her and do whatever. I know the world is changing, too.

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