Iowa Jumps in with Truitt

Iowa offered a scholarship to DC defensive back Omar Truitt this week. The son of a former NFL player said he was ecstatic to get the Hawkeye opportunity and will be visiting the school next month.

Omar Truitt didn't get up his hopes. He'd spoken to enough college coaches that told him how much they liked him only to request he come to their camp to prove himself before getting a scholarship offer.

Truitt expected a similar scenario with Iowa Assistant Chris White, who called Washington, DC's St. John's College High Coach Joe Patterson to ask about the talented defensive back.

"I didn't really know until a couple of weeks ago that (Iowa) had interest in me," Truitt said. "My coach texted me and said that he had a great conversation with the Iowa coach and make sure you call them ASAP. He gave me Coach (Chris) White's number and I called him."

Instead of the usual hyperbole and camp invite, Truitt picked up a good vibe from White.

"He asked for my email address and my home address," Truitt said. "He said he and the defensive coordinator, Coach (Phil) Parker, looked at my film and they loved it."

White called back on Wednesday.

"He said he just wanted to let me know that I had (a scholarship) offer to Iowa and they really wanted me to be a part of the program," the 5-foot-11, 180-pound Truitt said. "I was ecstatic. I was jumping up and down and all around. Everybody was happy. It was an exciting day."

White then handed the phone off to Parker.

"The first thing Coach Parker asked me was who taught me how to bump and run," Truitt said. "I told him it was my dad. He said, 'Wow, we love that. We love the way you run around. We love the way you jam. We love your footwork. We like your aggression. That's what we need in our program.'"

Truitt's father, Olando Truitt, played at Pittsburgh and Mississippi State before enjoying a six-year NFL career with the Redskins, Raiders and Vikings.

"My dad and me were talking about (Iowa) all last night," Omar said. "They have one of the best coaches (Kirk Ferentz) in the game. They have a great tradition. (DC-area players) Nico Law and Jordan Lomax go there.

"It's a great city. They all love their football."

Truitt also reports scholarship offers from Maryland, Syracuse and Richmond. He feels Pitt, N.C. State and Georgia Tech are close to extending him that opportunity.

"My dad and I have been talking about everything, the pros and cons; who has offered; who's talking to me," Truitt said. "My (commitment) could be made by the end of June. We'll see."

Truitt, who is considering majors in accounting and sports medicine, is looking at trips to Pitt (June 7), Ohio State (June 8) and Tennessee (June 9). They may not take place because of some standardized testing work his father wants him to attend.

There is one visit Truitt said he is sure to take.

"The (Iowa) coaches told me that they want me to come out June 21," Truitt said. "That's when all the big-time recruits and the people that they offered will be there. They want us all to come and hang out. I'm definitely coming out."

Truitt, who reports running the 40-yard dash in 4.5 seconds, knows what it is he's looking for in a college.

"I have to have a family atmosphere," he said. "I want to be comfortable with the football program, the coaches, players on the team and the people that are around the campus. That's what catches my eye."

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