Media Day 2001

Media Day 2001 came across much differently than last year's event. This time around, it wasn't hard to notice the much bigger smiles on player's faces, laugther circulating throughout the players, and all massive amounts of muscle that has been put on. One thing for sure about this Hawkeye time is that it is FULL of character.

The 2001 Hawkeyes are certainly FULL of character. Its the kind of character that not only resembles players having fun out on the field with each other, but the kind of character that the players showed working endlessly with Coach Doyle and staff this summer.

Whether it was Benny Sapp singing a tune, Jerry Montgomery trying his best to equal MC Hammer's with his dancing, or Matt Stockdale showing us that he has a lot of work to do when it comes to Kung-Fu, these Hawkeyes all appeared loose and ready for the season.

Here is some quick pointers that I was able to pick-up:

Charlie Bodiford wasn't invited to the start of two-a-days, and won't re-join the team until the 27th when classes start.

Howard Hodges is up to 248 pounds, and according to Coach Doyle is "big and fast enough to compete in the BigTen."

Ben Gates tore an AC Joint in his shoulder, and doctors have told him it'll be 4 to 6 weeks for his recovery. However, Ben fully expects to cut that down to 3 to 4 weeks.

Benny Sapp has revenge on his mind. That revenge will be set out for WR Ron Johnson of Minnesota. Benny hasn't forgetton last year, and now at 185 pounds, is ready to battle it out one last time.

Ohio St. was clearly voted as the biggest trash talking team in the BigTen last year, and their personal foul performance against us last year could help prove it.

When asked what QB they are most after, DT's Jerry Montgomery and Derrick Pickens both replied, Antwan Randle-El, but then said he is too hard to catch. With Antwan now at WR, they won't have to worry about that too much. However, Derrick Pickens did say he has noticed Jeff Smoker getting a lot of attention, and he wouldn't mind putting him in the ground a few times.

Also, you can expect Jerry Montgomery to work on some moves for Derrick Pickens to pick-up on after he gets a sack.

Its a tight battle for the QB job right now. I still say don't count out Brad Banks, but he may have to wait a few games before getting his shot.

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