Peavey Making Sure

Rafe Peavey has been committed to Arkansas for more than a year. After a Razorback coaching change, the Missouri QB decided to look around. Missouri, Iowa and Ohio State are receiving visits from him this week. He hopes to have a final decision soon. Find out more in this premium story.

Iowa's Greg Davis traveled to southern Missouri last month to get a look at Bolivar High quarterback Rafe Peavey. The offensive coordinator had a relationship with his father, Jack Peavey, a coach and former NFL player.

After a few minutes of watching young Peavey spin the pigskin, Davis fired off a one-liner to his old friend.

"He said, 'Now I know why Jack isn't going to have to pay for college for this kid,'" Jack said.

Iowa first started recruiting Rafe (6-2, 200) when he was a sophomore. The Hawkeyes pulled back last May when he verbally committed to Arkansas.

Things picked up again this spring when Peavey started looking around after an off-season coaching change at Arkansas. Wednesday, the quarterback visited Iowa with his mother.

"Iowa has been on Rafe for a long time," Jack Peavey said. "I challenge anybody to match what Coach (Kirk) Ferentz does in recruiting. He is a personable guy. He really gets to know the people that he is recruiting. He knows how important that position is. He has just tremendous character.

"And I know Greg Davis and you'll never hear a guy in the whole profession say anything bad about Greg Davis.

"So, when you're turning your kid over to somebody to recruit him and then have them and continue to instill things in them that you instilled as parents, those kind of characteristics stand tall."

Peavey stopped at Arkansas on Sunday and was at Missouri on Tuesday. He's scheduled to be at Ohio State on Friday.

"Rafe has felt great about his relationships with the coaches he's met," Jack said. "He has a great relationship with Coach (Jim) Chaney and Coach (Bret)Bielema. He had a great meeting with Andy Hill and Coach (Gary) Pinkel. I'm sure (Wednesday at Iowa) will be a special meeting. And Rafe will decide where the journey continues."

Rafe committed to Arkansas when John L. Smith was leading it. He was replaced by Bielema.

"There was a coaching change," Jack said. "We had to re-establish our relationships with Arkansas during that period, which I totally respect. I know that the quarterback is important for everybody and people wanted to see if he had the goods that everybody was touting."

The new Razorback staff wanted to see Peavey throw. They did that along with Missouri, Ohio State, UCLA, USC and Iowa during the May evaluation period.

"Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas State and UCLA all came in his sophomore year," Jack said. "That kind of resonated with him the feeling like these are the guys I've known the longest. I have relationships with these guys.

"He wants to be sure. It's the biggest decision he'll ever make. I refuse to make it for him and my wife refuses to make it for him. He has to go live this next part of his life."

Jack said all of the schools his son is considering have offered a scholarship with the exception the Buckeyes.

"Ohio State is kind of like Alabama," Jack said. "They do it a little differently. They would never invite Rafe to go over there unless the whole meeting was built around meeting Urban Meyer. Urban is going to want to see if he has the juice to lead his football program."

Offensive Coordinator Tom Herman traveled to Missouri to see Rafe throw last month.

"(He) has made it clear what he feels about Rafe," Jack said. "Coach Herman came through lighting, thunderstorms and tornadoes to get into Bolivar to see Rafe throw. When he was done he made it clear that he was glad he came out there."

USC also braved bad weather to check out Peavey.

"He threw in tornado-like winds for USC and the coach couldn't believe how he threw," Jack said. "He said it was the worst conditions they ever had a kid throw in and one of the best workouts he'd ever seen. It's pretty awesome when you consider how many quarterbacks USC sees. That was a pretty bold statement, I thought."

Before committing to Arkansas, Peavey used the process to bond with his position coaches. This time around, he's trying to get a better feel for the schools' head coaches and the universities overall.

"At the end of this thing, it's not about a building," Jack said. "It's not about tradition. It's about where he is going to get a degree. When he plays somewhere, where is it going to matter?. Forty years after he's done, where is it going to matter? That matters to Rafe.

"And Rafe wants to win championships. He's trying to find out where he can go to win a championship. Can he lead them to a championship? Do these coaches have the talent to take his raw ability and make him the best.

"You look at Jim Chaney and Andy Hill and Greg Davis and Noel Mazzone and you have to try to decide who is your guy. You also know at the same time that the guy could leave tomorrow so it always comes back to the head coach and if he's somebody you want to play for."

Jack said Rafe might know by the end of the weekend where he is going to school.

"We're not trying to upset anybody in this process," Jack said. "It's really on our dime. It doesn't cost anybody anything except me and my wife. And it's about Rafe's integrity and his word. That's what it's all about."

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