Mends Not Quite Ready

Aaron Mends waited a while for scholarship offers to come his way. When they did, the Kansas City prospect remained patient and thorough in the process instead of making a rash decision. He updates his recruitment in this premium story.

Aaron Mends has considered committing to Iowa since receiving a scholarship offer from the school in early June. Every time he's gotten close to pledging to the Hawkeyes, however, he's remembered something his coach has preached.

"(Kansas City Winnetonka Coach Sterling Edwards) has made a point of instilling in me that once I commit that I need to stick to it," Mends said. "That's why I want to make absolutely sure of it. So, if it takes longer, it takes longer."

Mends is scheduled to visit Iowa July 26-27.

"I have had Iowa on my mind for a little while," he said. "If it's still on my mind come August, then maybe I'll get that feeling that it's for me and commit. If I make the trip and see something or feel something that I don't like or are unsure about, then maybe I'll wait a little longer."

Mends earned his offer at an early-summer Iowa camp. He didn't get to see much of the school at that time.

"I'm looking to get a better feel for the academic side of things," the 6-foot, 200-pounder said. "I want to talk to some players and see what they think about their time there. I want to get another look around campus and get a better feel for how everything is."

The Hawkeyes view Mends as an outside linebacker as does Iowa State, the other BCS level program to have offered him a scholarship. He also plays running back at Winnetonka.

Mends said he does not have another visit set up to Iowa State. He is considering a Kansas State camp on July 25 if he can still get to Iowa the next day.

Mends finds himself in a position that many other recruits do. He risks losing opportunities at Iowa and Iowa State if he waits until another player at his position accepts a scholarship from one or both of those programs.

"That's one of my biggest problems," Mends said. "That's why it's hard. Hopefully I end up playing college football somewhere.

"I'll make a decision when it feels right but it's really hard to make a decision. I don't want to jump before I'm ready and then have an amazing senior year and miss out on opportunities I could have had."

Mends, who will major in Biology, will commit somewhere by the middle of his senior season, he said. Then again, he could get the feeling on his stop at Iowa next week.

"There's a strong possibility that I could commit on the visit," Mends said. "I would have to talk to my coaches and parents about it, too. It's a feel. It will have to feel right.

"When I commit somewhere, that will be it."

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