Ferentz Video/Transcript

Full transcript and video from Head Coach Kirk Ferentz following Saturday's Kids Day scrimmage at Kinnick Stadium.

Q: Ferentz Opening Statement

Kirk Ferentz: During the scrimmage, I was watching some kids running around in the end zone. It reminded me of when I was at Maine, the best action was kids playing touch football behind the end zone. We appreciate people coming out to enjoy us in Kinnick. I am happy with the way the team has been working. We are making progress but have a lot of work to do. The attitude has been good and tonight was a better workout than yesterday. The guys bounced back and they are working hard. We are two weeks through it and a lot of work coming up this week.

Q: From what we saw, is it safe to say Jake is the clear cut number one at quarterback?

Ferentz: YOU can say that but we will look at the tapes and talk tomorrow and next few days and make a decision the next few weeks. He is doing a good job and no complaints there. He is a young guy and has done a nice job. The other two guys have done a nice job too and we are not displeased with them. The guys are moving forward

Q: What about him makes him the likely candidate?

Ferentz: He is more experienced and that plays a part of it. All three players have improved. Jake, CJ and Cody have all improved. This week was another week of evaluation and we will go another few days.

Q: (Kinnick audio turned on for the next several questions which made it tough to hear them) Tevaun and Powell made some plays...

Ferentz: It was good to see both of them make some plays. They made some difficult plays. Powell's was the first time we have seen him catch a ball and get whacked. Tevaun same thing, a real nice play he made. The other receivers are coming on and improving with each day or two.

Q: Is LeShun Daniels going to play?

Ferentz: We haven't decided but he has done a nice job and has handled everything. A couple of the other guys have been out and that has opened a door.

Q: Powell (playing a lot early?)

Ferentz: We'll see. He is so far behind, that is the biggest challenge for him. He got her the Thursday before we started. Learning and all of that...he had been healthy and that was a concern. He has practiced each day. He is learning pretty quickly, quicker than we anticipated. It is a matter of how much he can learn the next few weeks.

Q: Defense had its moments today

Ferentz: It goes back and forth a little bit. Yesterday it was heavy defense, so that goes back and forth...they are doing some good things.

Q: The secondary has elevated its level of play

Ferentz: They are doing some good things. Our entire team, the thing is consistency. The last few days, we will do three or four good plays offensively then have a penalty or a false start or a turnover. Then on defense, you are playing great and then give up an easy play. That is the challenge, to iron out those highs and lows.

Q: Bofelli injury Ferentz: The good news is everyone is ok; the injuries we have are camp injuries. They should be back shortly. Simmons went down and was fine, he came back.

Q: Is it safe to say (Leshun) Daniels play this year?

Ferentz: Based on what we have seen, he has done a really nice job. He has had some chances because a couple of guys have been out. HE seems to handle it well. It's not like he looks overwhelmed by things and he is a good learner. I could see him in there.

Q: Is Hill falling behind

Ferentz: He has missed a lot of time. His knee is fine but he has had other camp injuries. It's a matter of him getting on the field. When you are out other guys are moving forward.

Q: C.J. Beathard Ferentz: CJ has had a good two weeks. He has improved. That is what you are looking for with every player.

Q: George Kittle

Ferentz: We are intrigued with him. We'll keep pushing him and see what he does.

Q: (question hard to hear, something about luxury of Bullock with WR skills)

Ferentz: I am not against having a big, strong running back. We could do that with Albert...he was flexible out there. Ladell had good ball skills. It's just good to have some guys who have played back there.

Q: How much has Damon been working WR and RB?

Ferentz: A little bit of each...we are mixing him around. We will figure that out in the next few weeks how much he can help us out there.

Q: At guard, are you set with one of the spots or still three guys?

Ferentz: Boffeli had as good a spring as anyone. He has had a good camp and I think he will be hard to beat out. He has turned a corner and playing like we hoped he would. I expect him back midweek. The other one is an open book. Anyone not in that first four guys, it's open game.

Q: What intangibles does Jake bring that makes him the leader on the field?

Ferentz: The biggest thing is he has practiced with poise for the most part. He is improving. All three guys are improving. With them being young and inexperienced, they have more room for improvement and they have demonstrated that thus far in the preseason. 17 practices are behind them. The thing might turn in the next few days but at some point we will try to number them 1-2-3 by the end of the week.

Q: When you mention poise, maybe it wasn't there late last year?

Ferentz: We couldn't evaluate him. He was running plays in practice. But in spring and camp you can create some situations that put them in an uncomfortable position. It's a good way to see where they are at and I think we are seeing improvement. All three guys are doing some things better than they were

Q: Has Beathard gotten better since spring?

Ferentz: He has gotten better. He threw some good balls today. That is the good thing about guys who haven't played; they have a bigger window to improve. Whoever starts, the next guy is one play away from being ready. We have to get two ready and the good news is we have three guys that are capable.

Q: Has Riley McMinn been in camp?

Ferentz: He should be back in a couple days. I think he has missed four or five days but he was doing better. We were hoping to see him improve and grow. The hard part is that you don't get these days back. Younger players need every practice you can get

Q: Jake showed he can run the ball, worked some designed runs.

Ferentz: I think all three guys are capable. None of them are RGIII, to be clear about that. They are nifty and capable. Then it's a matter of how much you want to integrate taht into what you do. I could see that a part of what we do.

Q: WR Shumpert and KMM seem to be in first unit a lot..have they solidified or distanced themselves?

Ferentz: I mentioned some other guys, but they have improved. Kevonte is better now than in spring and Shump has had a really good camp. He has really come alive. He is a senior and that is great to see. But he has really come alive. He has always worked hard but he is having more success now and that is good.

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