Forbes Talks Iowa Visit

Jackson Forbes took his first official visit this weekend. The versatile Texas forward received a feel for what Iowa had to offer and a recruiting pitch from Fran McCaffery. Forbes shares his thoughts on the stop in this premium story.

Jackson Forbes received a first-hand look at what it's like being a student-athlete at Iowa. Sophomore guard Mike Gesell played host to the recruit on his official visit there this weekend.

"Walking around with Mike, you could see that he was a big man on campus," Forbes said. "That seemed kind of cool. Everybody seemed to know his name."

When Forbes attended a Hawkeye football game on Saturday, he witnessed a passion for the university and a desire the faithful following had for him to join their nation.

"You could tell everybody there was truly an Iowa fan," Forbes said. "Everybody was yelling "choose Iowa, choose Iowa." There's a relentless support for the school."

Forbes' Iowa official visit represented the first of five he still plans on taking. The Texas forward says he will see Princeton, Rice, Temple and Yale before making his final decision. He's committed to his process, which he spoke with me about last month.

"Overall, I loved the (Iowa) visit," the 6-foot-6, 215-pound Forbes said. "I had a good time. The coaching staff and the players are all very great people in general. They were very true. You could tell that they were actually being themselves, which is great to see.

"My mother and my Godmother went with me. We just had a great time."

Forbes plans to study architectural engineering in college. Friday, he toured Iowa's engineering department and met with the director. He also saw the academic learning center for athletes and spoke with the head of the facility before eating dinner with the coaches that first night.

Saturday, Forbes watched a basketball workout. He pictured himself fitting in with the Hawkeye players and system.

"I got to see that they recruit a lot of guys who are similar to myself; guys that can play multiple positions," Forbes said. "Some of the bigs can handle it and some of them can shoot it. Some of the guards were strong enough to play in the post. They're very diverse players."

The staff and players got together at Coach Fran McCaffery's house after the football game. The head Hawkeye explained to Forbes why he would fit well at Iowa.

"He said that my character was something that was big," Forbes said. "He knows that he wouldn't have a problem with me while I was there. Basketball wise, he likes the fact that I can play multiple positions; that I have an understanding and knowledge of the game. I would fit in great in his system. Academically, he knows that I can excel in classes."

Forbes felt connected to McCaffery.

"He was great," Forbes said. "He was very genuine and he was always up front with me. I got to meet his family as well and his family was great. He seemed like a great family man, someone that I can look up to. He's someone that would be a good role model."

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