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Everyone here at has been very pleased with the work that Dan Cagley has achieved so far here, and previously at Dan has been a very talented writer, and the future is only going to get brighter here at!!!!

Meet the Staff – Dan Cagley staff writer Dan Cagley is in his 2nd year of covering University of Iowa Athletics on the Internet. Before joining the current staff, he also worked at Besides his coverage of Iowa Football, Wrestling, and Baseball, Dan also writes the "Remember the Ironmen" column, which covers Iowa Athletics from a historical perspective.

As part of the package, Dan will provide expanded coverage of both Iowa Wrestling and Baseball in addition to his role of covering Iowa Football. Although covered wrestling and baseball more than most media outlets in the state of Iowa, he plans on having more interview format stories with coaches and players in addition to the analysis and general reporting formats that were done at the old site. Through his work and the help of loyal posters, will be the place to get your wrestling and baseball information!

A former Iowa small college baseball player, Dan grew up playing and watching many sports like most of us. In addition to his work at, Dan is a museum professional. He holds a Master of Arts in History and has done significant work in the history of American sport. Besides his current position at a state historical society, he previously worked at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, and coached 6 years at the high school level. Although he does not have much of a background in wrestling, being a former physical athlete and a lifelong follower of University of Iowa Athletics has its advantages in covering the sport. No matter if you wrestled or not, Dan can not see why any physical athlete born in the state of Iowa would not be a big follower of Iowa Wrestling and the way that they train and compete.

Dan will also continue to cover Hawkeye Football, usually in the capacity of writing game previews, position analysis articles, and covering individual players. He will also be part of the weekly "Football Roundtable" again this fall. Because of his own background in football, he is always interested in looking at the guys in or near the trenches, who he believes usually account for which team actually wins most Saturdays. So if you catch yourself watching the blocking and tackling in some game in Kinnick Stadium this year, feel free the next week to post your analysis to Dan, as I am sure he will have a response!

As a person who reads the sports page before any other part of the newspaper, the biggest compliment Dan feels someone can give him about his sportswriting style is that his stories have good depth of information and are factual. A big fan of reporters like former longtime Iowa City Press-Citizen writer Al Grady, Dan hopes to be able to convey information about Hawkeye sports with a vein of passion and professionalism similar to the many others who have gone before him.

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