Maynard Checks Out Iowa

Trent Maynard is more than your average sophomore. The 6-foot-4, 285-pound lineman has been turning the heads of college scouts for some time. The Indianapolis prospect dropped in on Iowa this weekend and talked about his Hawkeyes' stop here.

Half of a high school career remains for Trent Maynard. The first two years were so good, however, that he's already receiving interest from FBS programs.

The 6-foot-4, 285-pound sophomore checked out one of those schools on Saturday when he attended Iowa's Junior Day. He was one of the few 10th-graders in attendance.

Maynard traveled to Iowa City with his Indianapolis Decatur Central teammate Tommy Stevens, a junior with a Hawkeye offer as a safety.

"There were plenty of things that I really liked about the visit," Maynard said. "The new facility that's being built for the football team is going to look really nice once it's done in the summer. As an offensive lineman, I definitely enjoyed talking with Coach (Brian) Ferentz about the the players that have played and play in the NFL and what made them stand out the most from others.

"The academic standpoint also impressed me too. I like the fact that they truly realize that student comes before athlete. Any athlete can have all the talent in the world, but it doesn't mean anything if you don't have the right education."

Cincinnati already has offered Maynard a scholarship. Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisville, Purdue and Wisconsin have been recruiting him. He said he would be in Champaign on Feb.1 and in Bloomington for a Hoosiers junior day the following day before heading to the Best of the Midwest Combine on Feb. 17 in Indianapolis.

Maynard said he'd likely be back at Iowa in the future.

"I talked with Eric Johnson, the recruiting coordinator, for a good amount of time," Maynard said of Hawkeye Junior Day. "We talked about when he was at our game a couple months ago and to see if I can get back to Iowa City for a camp sometime this summer."

Brian Ferentz spoke with Maynard and the rest of the offensive linemen at the event when they split in position meetings.

"The main thing we talked about was physicality," Maynard said. "We talked about how every lineman is going to make mistakes, but if you make a mistake because you're not playing physical, it's unacceptable. Another thing we spent a good amount of time talking about was finishing blocks. He stated that you decide when you finish a block and that's basically when you put them into the ground."

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