HawkTalkOnline staff have been sitting on a news story for over a week. We were hoping against hope that the rumors were not true. However, because The University has now released information that Kahari won't play because of medical reasons we are releasing the story....

As Josh Clark reported In The LockerRoom, a freshman was being withheld from practice because of medical concerns. Kahari Stewart, a 6-6, 230 pound freshman from Detroit, has undergone a series of tests. The physical examination given to all incoming Iowa football players revealed an irregular heartbeat. After seeing numerous specialists, including one in California, it was determined that Kahari appears to suffer from the same affliction as former Loyola Marymount basketball star Hank Gathers. Gathers collapsed during a game on March 4, 1990.

Stewart, perhaps the most versatile of all the Hawk recruits, was considered talented enough to play FIVE different positions. Several Iowa assistant coaches foresaw Kahari under their tutelage at wide receiver, tight end, linebacker, defensive end, or even defensive line.

Although we at HawkTalkOnline hope that Kahari's career can resume, we feel compelled to inform our readers. Its great to know that the staff at Iowa has Kahari's best interests in mind. They will not risk his future by putting him out on the field without full medical clearance.

For more information on Hank Gathers and this serious medical condition, CLICK HERE.

The staff at HawkTalkOnline.com, like we hope all Hawk fans, have Kahari Stewart in our prayers.

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