Arendt a Throwback

Dean Arendt understands he's not a fit for the spread offenses prevalent in college football these days. The physical fullback also knows plenty of schools suit his style. Iowa is one of them. He has visited the Hawkeyes twice and is looking at another stop in the near future.

The fullback has disappeared from a lot of college offenses. They've shifted to spreading things out and working in space.

Bruising blockers still have a place in the game, however. Some Big Ten schools play power football.

Illinois junior Dean Arendt knows where to look. The 6-foot, 230-pounder fullback understands he's a throwback. He plays in a double-tight, Wing-T offense at Triopia High in Concord.

"I have good hands, so I'm a good check-down, iso blocker," Arendt said. "I feel like i could help a team get a good power run game going."

Arendt's family is from Hedrick, Iowa, a small town outside of Ottumwa with a population of less than 800 people. He's familiar with the University of Iowa football program, which has employed the fullback throughout the years.

"I like Iowa a lot," Arendt said. "I always liked them growing up. They have great coaches, facilities and tradition."

Arendt visited the Hawkeyes for two games this fall.

"I feel like I stand well with them," he said. "Brian Ferentz recruits my area and he is going to come to school in the spring. They want to see more out of me at camp and that stuff."

Arendt said he's hearing from Minnesota, Wisconsin and other Big Ten schools. Georgia Tech and Iowa State also are contacting him, he said.

"I just went to Missouri (last weekend)," Arendt said. "I'm going to Iowa State (this weekend). The next (visit) I have after that is Ohio State, but that's not for a while. I'm not sure the exact date on it."

Arendt reports running the 40-yard dash in 4.83 seconds (electronic). He's looking to major in Anatomy or something in muscle sciences with the goal of being a strength and conditioning coach. He hopes to get in another trip to Iowa in the near future.

"I will go anytime they ask me to," Arendt said. "I call them all the time and I might just go up on a random weekend."

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