McCaffery Bans Twitter

Iowa Coach Fran McCaffery has shut down his players' Twitter accounts after a weekend incident between one of his players and members of the Hawkeye fan base.

In response to an ugly social media exchange between one of his players and alleged Iowa fans on Saturday, Coach Fran McCaffery has taken a measure to make sure it doesn't happen again.

"What I've done is I've told all of the players to shut down their Twitter accounts until the season is over," McCaffery said on Monday's Big Ten Teleconference. "They're not going to be on Twitter. They're not going to be Tweeting. They're not going to be getting Tweets. I think that's probably the smartest thing to do is focus on these last few games and the Big Ten Tournament and go from there. When the season is over, they can open it back up."

The Hawkeyes dropped a heartbreaker, 79-75, to Wisconsin on Saturday. Senior Zach McCabe missed a potentially game-tying 3-pointer late in the action and received some angry Tweets. He responded by lashing out at Iowa fans before quickly apologizing for it and then shutting down his account.

McCaffery addressed his team on the matter. The coach does not have a Twitter account.

"I think it was a healthy discussion, one that made sense for everybody," he said. "It's the world that we live in. It can be very unfortunate at times. It's not a world I live in. It's not a world that I grew up in. Sometimes this stuff has to be brought to my attention before I see it.

"First and foremost, I'm going to support Zach. I've said many times how I feel about him. I love everything he brings to this program and support him 100 percent."

Having said that, McCaffery explained how he felt McCabe took the onslaught and why he reacted the way he did without condoning the behavior.

"It can be very upsetting when you're getting attacked," McCaffery said. "I think you can have the impression that the entire fan base is attacking you when that is not the case. I think the good thing that has come out of this is how much support he's gotten in return from so many different people.

"People are going to be upset after a loss. They're going to blame. Normally they blame the coach. That's what I prefer that they do; just blame me. We lose, blame me. We win, let's cheer on the players and be happy for them. They were the reason.

"It's a learning process that he has to go through, that our players have to go through. My overall impressions of social media are negative for the very reason that we just experienced but it's not something we can't dwell on."

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