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Despite having a former NFL player as a father and good size, Luke Juriga has flown under the recruiting radar. The Illinois offensive lineman is out to change that. He stopped at Iowa's spring game on Saturday and planned to camp with the Hawkeyes and other schools this summer.

Luke Juriga carries strong football genes. The rest of his success comes from developing his natural gifts.

The 6-foot-3 1/2, 270-pound offensive lineman looks the part of college player. His goal is to get there.

Juriga is visiting schools and building relationships. He's preparing to prove this summer that he belongs.

"I think I have good footwork and I am good at pulling. I think I have a lot of power that people need to see and I finish the play. I also think I have good football IQ for positions like center and I can be a leader. And all of those is what I have to try to show off during the camps, if I can," Juriga said.

The son of former Illinois and Denver Broncos lineman, Jim Juriga, Luke Juriga plans to camp with the Illini, Iowa and Iowa State. He continues building a relationship with the Hawkeyes, whose spring game he attended on Saturday.

"I thought it, overall, was awesome. The facilities were nice and they are going to get way better, which is going to be crazy. I met a lot of the coaches and I would love to have them as a coaches because you know they're good and they have been doing it the same way for a long time," Juriga said.

Juriga said he met with Iowa Head Coach Kirk Ferentz in his office before the game.

"We had a regular conversation where he got to know me a little more. Then he told me he watched my film and that he liked it and how he thinks I would fit in at Iowa. And we talked about what camps I should go to. And then I talked about most of the same things with coach Brian Ferentz," Juriga said.

In addition to Iowa, Juriga has visited the Illinois, Northwestern, Northern Illinois, Iowa State, Missouri State and Drake campuses, he said. He's leaned on his dad for advice during the recruiting process.

"He helps to get my name out there. He helped me make my highlight tape. Overall, he gives his opinion on the schools we see to help me narrow the schools down," Juriga said.

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