'15 Iowa Hoops Big Board

Hawkeye Insider Publisher Rob Howe offers Iowa fans a Recruiting Big Board listing 10 prospects the program would like to land.

Iowa added to its 2015 recruiting class this week when Tennessee shooting guard Andrew Fleming pledged to Coach Fran McCaffery. He joined Chicago's Brandon Hutton as Hawkeye pledges in the next cycle.

It left the staff with three scholarships to use in '15 provided no players are added before the start of the next school year. Power forward and center appear to be a need area and get program could use to begin grooming another point guard. An upgrade in athleticism also would be ideal.

We debuted out Football Recruiting Big Board last week to positive feedback and our poster "Retired" put in a request for a basketball version. Ask and you shall receive.

About the Big Board - Several factors contribute to compiling this list, not the last of which are team need, probability of landing prospect, and timeline of recruit and Hawkeyes. The school listed as Rob's favorite represents the perceived leader of one analyst at the time of publish. All of the players the list are reporting an Iowa offer themselves or it's coming from a coach, parent, etc. Offers are handed out and withdrawn through the process. This board is meant to serve as a guide and not as absolute.

2015 Recruiting Big Board
Location:Rice Lakel, WI
High School: Rice Lake High
Size: 6-9/250
Position: PF/C
National Position Rank: 16 at C
Scholarship Offers: Wisconsin, Iowa, Creighton, Michigan State, Northwestern, Duke, Georgetown, Indiana, Minnesota, others.

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The Skinny: The Hawkeyes were on Ellenson early in the process and he's "blown up" of late. Duke has offered with Coach K visiting him. North Carolina has jumped into the mix recently. Roy Williams has been to Rice Lake open gym. Kentucky contacted him for the first time last week. Ellenson is the kind of skilled big man for which Iowa is searching. That's why I have him at the top of this list. Unfortunately the odds of the Hawkeyes landing this talent appear to be diminishing daily.

Rob's Favorite: Duke
Location:Chicago, IL
High School: Simeon
Size: 6-7/210
Position: PF
National Position Rank: 25
Scholarship Offers: Creighton, Iowa, Iowa State, Minnesota, Nebraska, West Virginia, others.

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The Skinny: Iowa has worked hard on Morrow for quite some time. Considered by some to be an undersized four, he's explosive and long, easily making up for traditional height and bulk he lacks as a power forward. Morrow would be a great fit for the Hawkeyes up-tempo system and grill a roster need. His mother starred at Nebraska and the Huskers are thought be a one of his leaders, if not at the top of the list.

Rob's Favorite: Nebraska
Location:Chicago, IL
High School: Westchester (IL) St. Joseph
Size: 5-11/160
Position: PG
National Position Rank: 8
Scholarship Offers: Creighton, Iowa, Marquette, Penn State, Purdue, others.

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The Skinny: Point guard isn't a pressing need in this class but still it would be nice to get one. Mike Gesell and Anthony Clemmons would be seniors and Trey Dickerson a junior when Watson would join the Hawkeyes. Watson is a slick floor general that has played with top competition all of his life.

Rob's Favorite: Marquette
Location:Lake Forest, IL
High School: Lake Forest
Size: 6-7/220
Position: PF
National Position Rank: No Rank
Scholarship Offers: Boston College, DePaul, Iowa, Iowa State, Penn State, St. Louis, others.

Highlights: Watch

The Skinny: The skilled combo forward has visited Iowa on multiple occasions and has built a strong relationship with the staff. The Hawkeyes sit in good position here/ The final outcome could come down to timing and what type of offers come his way after July. He would love an opportunity from Michigan and one would make the Wolverines the team to beat.

Rob's Favorite: Iowa
5. Samir Sehic
Location: Houston, TX
High School: Cypress Woods
Size: 6-9/250
Position: PF
National Position Rank: 25 at C
Scholarship Offers: Davidson, Iowa, New Mexico, others.

Highlights: Watch

The Skinny: Sehic recently picked up his Iowa offer but the Hawkeyes have been evaluating him for a year. Sehic hopes to visit Iowa after the July evaluation period. He can bang on the block and also step out and hit the perimeter shot.

Rob's Favorite: Iowa
6. D'jery Baptiste
Location: Plano, TX
High School: Prestonwood Christian Academy
Size: 7-0/240
Position: C
National Position Rank: No Rank
Scholarship Offers: UConn, Iowa, Kansas State, Nebraska, Oklahoma, SMU, Texas Tech, Vanderbilt, Wichita State.

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The Skinny: Baptiste's offer list has come together largely based on his potential. The Haitian only has been playing the game for four years but has developed quite nicely, particularly on defense. He physically looks like an NBA player already.

Rob's Favorite: UConn
Location: Huber Heights, OH
High School: Wayne
Size: 6-7/190
Position: PF
National Position Rank: No Rank
Scholarship Offers: Iowa, Minnesota, Texas Tech, others.

Highlights: Watch

The Skinny: Wagner also is a combo forward who is most comfortable attacking the basket and working inside. Wagner has flown under the recruiting radar to this point but is off to a good start with All-Ohio Red and could see it take off. It's been reported that he will visit Iowa, Minnesota and Toledo this summer.

Rob's Favorite: Minnesota
Location: New York, NY
High School: Brewster Academy
Size: 6-3/175
Position: SG
National Position Rank: 19
Scholarship Offers: Creighton, Boston College, Marquette, Providence, Cincinnati, UConn, Florida, Seton Hall, St. John's, others.

Highlights: Watch

The Skinny: Iowa has been recruiting Mitchell for a long time and there's been mutual interest. It's hard to say where it is today with the commitment of Andrew Fleming. I think the two could work well together. Mitchell is an athletic combo guard that would add much-needed athleticism to the Hawkeye roster.

Rob's Favorite: Providence
Location: Gary, IN
High School: Bowman Academy
Size: 6-5/205
Position: SF
National Position Rank: NR
Scholarship Offers: Creighton, Iowa, Purdue.

Highlights: Watch

The Skinny: Dillard reminds of Hutton to a degree. Iowa offered after getting a commitment from Hutton so it would appear they'd like to have both guys. He would immediately upgrade the team's athleticism and he absolutely can attack the rim and jump out of the gym.

Rob's Favorite: Purdue
Location: Brooklyn, NY
High School:Jones County JC (MS)
Size: 6-4/190
National Position Rank: NR
Scholarship Offers: Baylor, Dayton, Iowa, Miami, Mississippi State, South Carolina, St. John's, Texas Tech. West Virginia and others.

Highlights: Watch

The Skinny: Another athletic combo guard, Hall led national champion Jones County in scoring. He's a classic NYC guard who gets to the rim and defends well. Iowa jumped in pretty early and he's interested. The longer the recruitment goes and the closer he gets to showing in can make it academically, the harder it will be on the Hawkeyes as bigger names likely will get involved.

Rob's Favorite: Baylor

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