Shadow Asks: 2001 Much Like 1981?

History is a great teacher because things have a way of repeating. Twenty years have elapsed since the Hayden Fry turnaround season of 1981. No one had the slightest hint that his third edition of Black & Gold would make a run for the roses. Could there be any similarities between that team and the current Hawkeyes?

1981 was Hayden Fry's third year as Head Football Coach at the University of Iowa while 2001 is the third year for Kirk Ferentz at the Hawkeye helm. Both coaches suffered through two previous losing seasons. The third year proved to be the charm for Hayden Fry as the Hawks had an incredible season leading to the Rose Bowl. Kirk, of course, is very aware of Fry's legacy, as he was the offensive line coach during this turnaround. And the third year for Kirk Ferentz offers a somewhat similar opportunity for a bowl game.

In 1981, Iowa had a star JUCO transfer quarterback-receiver tandem in Gordy Bohannon and Keith Chappelle. In 2001 Iowa has a star JUCO transfer quarterback-receiver tandem of Brad Banks and C.J. Jones.

"However, 1981 was not analogous to this season in the respect that Iowa hadn't had a winning season in twenty years back then" said Gordy Bohannon. "The fans cheered when we ran onto the field without tripping over our shoelaces. We had no pressure on us because there were no expectations. The bar has been raised so much higher now. The players feel the pressure to perform", added Bohannon.

Fast forward to 2001. Quarterback Brad Banks and wide receiver C.J. Jones hope to have the same success in helping the Hawks win football games. Banks, a junior from Belle Glades, Florida, starts the season much like Bohannon did. Gordy, as you remember, began the season backing up Pete Gales.

C.J. Jones, a junior from Boynton Beach, Florida, has quickly made an impression on the Hawkeye coaches. They are looking to add his speed and elusiveness to the Iowa attack. He, like Chappelle, has moved up the depth charts faster than their quarterback partners.

The Bohannon-Chappelle combination proved to be a dynamic duo in business as well. Therefore, the Banks-Jones combination will be fortunate to duplicate all the accomplishments of their predecessors. However, at least they start with an advantage of being cousins.

Will history repeat itself in 2001? Just ask me at the bowl game, if you can find me. Shadows are hard to see in the sun

That's my take, but what do I know?

The Shadow


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