Sehic Breaks Down Top 6

Samir Sehic trimmed his list of schools to six last week. The big man from Houston spoke with about each program in his half dozen.

Just as Samir Sehic's recruitment really began taking off, he grounded it. The Houston big man was becoming overwhelmed.

"To be honest with you, it really just got a little hectic the past month, month and a half. I just felt like I couldn't focus on everyone that I wanted to. I just felt like it was time for me. I had schools that I really liked, the coaching staffs that I really enjoyed and I just felt like it was time for me to cut my list down to six and focus on those schools," he said.

Sehic, a 6-foot-9, 250-pound power forward, trimmed his group of prospective programs to Davidson, Iowa, Notre Dame, Stanford, Vanderbilt and Wake Forest. All but the Cardinal have officially offered him scholarships, he reported.

"You have to apply to (Stanford) and be accepted before they can officially offer you a scholarship. Basketball wise, I've been accepted. I just need to see if I'm accepted into the school academically. Coach (Johnny Dawkins) said that would most likely not be a problem," Sehic said.

The Cypress Woods (TX) High and Houston Hoops standout reports more than 20 scholarship offers, including Nebraska, Boston College, Penn State, Texas Tech, Houston, Harvard, Princeton and New Mexico.

"Overall, I think I had a solid summer. I was able to go to a lot of places and show what I can do. One of the things I wanted to prove this summer was that I could do a lot of different things; be able to score the ball and be able to rebound. I felt that a lot of the events I went to I was able to prove that," Sehic said.

Despite increased interest, Sehic cut off the newcomers and zeroed in on schools recruiting him over time. He has set official visits to Davidson (Aug. 23), Wake Forest (Sept. 6), Vanderbilt (Sept. 13), Notre Dame (Sept. 27) and Iowa (Oct. 11).

"My goal has always been to commit before the start of my senior year of basketball in late October, early November. I want to enjoy my senior year and be able to just focus on my senior year and know what I'm working for," he said.

Sehic stopped at Stanford last summer and said if he went back to Palo Alto before committing somewhere, it would be an unofficial visit.

"I've seen the campus and met with the coaches. I have a good feel for what's there," Sehic said.

Sehic said he could not pick a school based on the information he's gathered and the relationships he's built to this point. That's why he planned to use all five of the official visits allowed by the NCAA.

"You never know what can happen, but all six of the schools are schools that I can see myself playing at. Right now, I'm not in a situation where I can say I'm picking one of them over another. Now, it's just building that relationship even greater with the head coaches, the assistant coaches and just going on those visits and talking to the players. I want to get a real feel for the campus and the programs up close," he said.

Sehic talked with about each of his finalists:

DAVIDSON: Davidson is one of the high mid-majors that I picked because Coach (Bob) McKillop has been in the game a long time. He knows what he's doing. I have a great relationship with him that I've built for a long time. He's been recruiting me for a while. He was one of the first coaches to offer me. I take that into strong consideration. It was a school that saw potential in me before a lot of other schools. I just trust him a lot and feel like I fit into his offense very well.

IOWA: Coach (Fran) McCaffery has been recruiting me for as long as Davidson, from the beginning. I think they may have been recruiting me even before that. Their whole thing is how I would fit into their offense. I also feel like I fit into the Big Ten very well. With how they play is a lot like I like to play. They like to pick and pop their fours, which is something I love to do. And just kind of a little cherry on the top, a good friend of mine, Andrew Fleming, committed there. It's not going to be the deciding factor why I pick a school but it would most definitely be the cherry on top.

NOTRE DAME: One thing about them is they have a great tradition in basketball as well as being a great academic school. I'm big on academics and it's something I take great pride in. As you can see by my list of schools, academics are very important to me. They kind of have the best of both worlds with basketball and academics.

STANFORD: There's not much more you can say academic wise. It speaks for itself. From a basketball standpoint, they really have picked it up the last few years, especially getting deep into March Madness last year. They've been a school that's been recruiting me since my freshman year. I've really built a great relationship with the whole coaching staff. I talk to them a lot. We just haven't gotten real serious because of the way they do the offers but things have picked up. It's been slow and steady but getting better.

VANDERBILT: It's kind of similar to Notre Dame, where you have the best of both worlds, just in a different conference. Coach (Kevin) Stallings and Coach Adam Cohen are two of the coaches I've built the best relationship with over the last couple of months. I feel very comfortable with them and I love what they're doing up there. I have two friends that go there (Jeff Robinson and Damian Jones). Coach Stallings has been at this a long time and been very successful at it.

WAKE FOREST: Coach (Danny) Manning has been recruiting me since he was at Tulsa. We've had a great connection ever since then. One of my personal trainers also has a great relationship with him. Coach Manning, when he played, he was very similar to my game. He was a big guy that could shoot the ball. I feel like he could really expand my game knowing how to teach me what he knows. I'd be learning from a guy that dominated college basketball.

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