Kids Day Film: Open Practice

If you missed this year's Kids Day at Kinnick Stadium, Hawkeye Insider has you covered. We've cut up film of every single rep the Hawkeyes took in their scrimmage Saturday and packed them into 12 minutes of video. Yes, you can watch the entire Kids Day scrimmage in 12 minutes right here.

IOWA CITY, Iowa - Iowa held its annual Kids Day open practice Saturday at Kinnick Stadium. A nice crowd gathered for its chance to watch its Hawkeyes.

The amount of fans in the stands represented a miniscule percentage of Iowa fans world wide, however. Most of the faithful missed out on seeing their favorite team.

Fortunately, if you missed it, Hawkeye Insider has you covered. We shot every 11-on-11 rep from Saturday's scrimmage. We cut it up into two videos last a total of about 12 minutes.

So, you can watch why people are talking about strong performances by George Kittle and Bo Bower. See all the touchdowns, including a 59-yarder from Jake Rudock to Kevonte Martin-Manley, and all of the tackles.

We also produced a video of the specialists' in action, which you can watch HERE.

But if you're looking to see some pads pop before the regular season kicks off in two weeks, check out these videos below:

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