Anunoby Pleased with Iowa Visit

Ogugua Anunoby took his first official visit this weekend to Iowa. The Missouri forward liked what he saw and considered committing to the Hawkeyes. He spoke with Hawkeye Insider about the visit and how it impacted his recruiting process.

Ogugua Anunoby understands the recruiting game. With his process, he's in the fourth quarter. The Jefferson City (MO) forward is trying to make the winning play.

Anunoby, who goes by O.G., officially visited Iowa this weekend. It was the first one of four he's scheduled.

Anunoby was tempted to commit. He understood that the Hawkeyes had only two remaining scholarships to hand out in the 2015 Class. But he also knew one of the trio of programs waiting to host him could top his Iowa experience.

And that's often the rub for recruits.

"It's kind of hard to be patient. You see all of the stuff that you like and you don't know if you want to end the process but I'll take a few more visits at least. I'm really impressed with Iowa. I really like it a lot but I want to compare it to something," Anunoby said.

Perhaps the Hawkeyes are the perfect fit. Maybe Anunoby is better off at another program.

"It's hard," Anunoby said. "I might end up not seeing a school that could be the best place for me."

As of now, the 6-foot-7, 200-pound Anunoby has official visits set up to Vanderbilt (Sept. 20), Georgia (Sept. 27) and Indiana (Oct. 11), for Hoosier Hysteria.

While Anunoby said he wants to see all three schools, Indiana is the one he's most interested in visiting. He's working on moving up that official to this coming weekend ( Sept. 13-14) and said the Hoosier coaches told him he could take it whenever he wanted to.

"I will take at least one of (the three remaining official visits). I don't know if I'll take all three. I want to but we'll see," Anunoby said. "You'd like to be able to make up your mind after all four visits. If I can take one more visit and figure it out, that would be best. I don't want somebody to take my spot (scholarship). If that can happen, I'll do it. I have to think about it."

The Hawkeyes set the bar for Anunoby this weekend. After two previous visits to the school, he felt more relaxed this time with three days to soak up everything.

"On unofficials, everything is kind of rushed. I had a lot more time to hang out and meet people and see stuff. I got to watch a lot of workouts. I liked it a lot. I liked the coaches and I got to meet the players and hang out with them. I got to meet some people on campus. I really enjoyed it," he said.

Anthony Clemmons and Peter Jok played host to Anunoby.

"I connected with them. It was fun hanging out with them," he said.

Anunoby met with advisors in the business school. He is leaning towards a major in that field.

The Iowa coaches watched film with Anunoby. They explained how they see him fitting into the program,.

"I liked what I saw. I like how they use their wings. I watched how they use Jarrod Uthoff and Aaron White," he said.

Anunoby received one-on-one time with Head Coach Fran McCaffery.

"He really wants me to come to Iowa. He likes my versatility and who I am as a person. He thinks I can help the team from Day 1. I think he's a coach that's really passionate. He cares about his players. He's a players' coach," Anunoby said.

Ohio forward Ahmad Wagner also officially visited Iowa this weekend. He verbally committed to the Hawkeyes in early August.

"I got along really well with him," Anunoby said. "He's a good friend of mine now. He's a little bit more inside and I'm a little bit more outside. I think we complement each other well."

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