Alston Admits He Hates Iowa State

The Iowa-Iowa State normally is filled with cordial cliches meant to avoid placement on a bulletin board. Hawkeye Linebacker Quinton Alston lost the memo. Tuesday, he expressed his true feelings for the Cyclones.

Iowa CITY, Iowa - The plan in place for Iowa State week is for Hawkeye players and coaches to avoid saying anything that, in the slightest, could be considered inflammatory. Linebacker Quinton Alston went off the script on Tuesday.

"They don't like us. We don't like them. So, we're going to go out there and give it out best shot," he said.

Such emotion hasn't come up in interviews from the Iowa camp since former offensive lineman Julian Vandevelde reveled he hated ISU when he was a freshman in 2007. Five years earlier, linebacker Fred Barr launched the "H" bomb in the media.

So, it took seven years, but Alston rekindled the flame. He said his hatred for Iowa State began shortly after he arrived on campus from his native New Jersey. He looked forward to building on it Saturday (2:20 p.m. CT, ESPN) when the Cyclones come to Kinnick Stadium.

"The first day; you get here and we sit down for the kickoff meeting and Coach (Kirk) Ferentz says this is Iowa State. They don't like us. This is our rivalry game. It's a big game for the city and the state. There's not really much you have to talk about. You watch their film. You see how they interact on the sideline, how they interact with our players. Then you get in the first game and they talk so much. It doesn't take long to get used to the rivalry and really not liking them. There are no secrets here," said Alston, a senior.

Alston said that Iowa State players trash talk more than athletes from any other team he's played.

"I can't really tell you what's going on on the field but it's a lot of personal stuff that gets called out," he said.

Watch Alston express his feelings for the Cyclones in this video interview:

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