Iowa Visit Confirms Wagner's Feelings

Ahmad Wagner officially visited Iowa this past weekend. The forward from Ohio verbally committed to the Hawkeyes in August with ever having seen the school. He talked about how he saw, heard from the coaches and his role as a recruiter.

Ahmad Wagner committed to Iowa in early August without ever having seen the school. This past weekend, the forward from Ohio took his Hawkeye official visit to find out if he did the right thing.

"I feel like I made the perfect choice. The school, the players, the coaches, everything about it I feel is the perfect fit for me. They told me the same thing. So, I'm very happy with my decision; very, very happy," Wagner said.

Wagner is joined in the 2015 Iowa Recruiting Class by Andrew Fleming and Brandon Hutton. Head Coach Fran McCaffery holds two more scholarships he can hand out in the cycle.

Missouri Forward Ogugua Anunoby, who goes by O.G., also officially visited Iowa with Wagner. He did not commit and was still considering Indiana, Georgia and Vanderbilt as of Sunday.

"O.G. is great. Me and him really hit it off when we were there. He's a funny guy and he can play. We played against each other when we were playing AAU in the 16s. I remembered that. He's a great player. Me and some of the teammates and the coaches were working real hard to get him to come there with us. We think we got him leaning Iowa's way. We hope he comes," Wagner said.

Wagner and Anunoby feel like the complement each other well as combo forwards. The former offers more of a power game while the latter is comfortable on the wing.

"(McCaffery is) always telling me that he's seen me play enough to know that I can guard every position on the floor, from the point guard to the center," Wagner said. "On the offensive end, he showed me how I'd be playing the three and the four and look for mismatches. Some plays I can spread the floor. Some plays I can post up. Some plays I can shoot the three and be the trailer."

Wagner received one-one-one time with McCaffery. They visited the communications building, watched film in the coach's office and ate dinner with the team at Fran's house.

"He told me how great it was to have me up there. I was thankful to hear that and that he let me meet his family and spend time with them," Wagner said.

Sophomore guard Peter Jok played host to Wagner.

"When I wasn't with the coaches, I was with him. He took me under his wing and was a great mentor for me. I asked him a whole lot of questions about what it was like going to school there and he had nothing but positive things to say about Iowa. That's always a plus when you hear that. He said it's a great place to be. The fans love you. The people love you. The team is going to welcome you and that's exactly what happened. That's how I felt," Wagner said.

Wagner experienced the Iowa faithful Saturday when he attended the Hawkeye football game against Ball State.

"What I noticed about the football game was the fan support. The fans were great, "Wagner said. "I thought the whole visit was great. I flew in Saturday morning and the whole time I was there I thought it was a great place and a wonderful experience for me. Just spending time with the coaches and players and seeing the atmosphere and the fans and the town, I loved it all."

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