The Shadow Knows Basketball Strength&Conditioning

Who among the Hawks will have a new look after spending hours in the weight room? Coach Bill Maxwell has spent that last few months insuring the Hawks will be in good shape next season. This should help the Hawks retain their Top Ten rating.

Iowa basketball will have a new look this year. The bodies wearing the Black and Gold have been reshaped. Iowa basketball strength and conditioning coach, Bill Maxwell, has designed a program to make the team stronger and quicker. Maxwell said "In football you train for speed and power, while in basketball everything revolves around speed and quickness."

The off-season conditioning program includes strength training four times a week. All weight training sessions last 50 minutes to one hour. They concentrate on the legs, while adding pull-ups and pull downs for the upper back. Olympic lifts are performed for overall body strength. Running is added after the strength training to complete the workout.

Coach Maxwell made the following observations about individual players:

Sean Sonderleiter: He has gained the most weight, adding a solid 15 pounds. His strength is much improved.

Glen Worley: During the season, he had weighed as much as 245. The off-season program trimmed Glen from 232 to 220. However, he was even able to add even more strength.

Jared Reiner: He became stronger while becoming leaner as he held his weight.

Luke Recker: His workouts were restricted due to his knee injury. Luke spent a lot of time in a swimming pool for overall conditioning. In addition, he took out his frustrations by building his upper body. Although he won't need a permit to carry the pair of ‘guns' he built pumping iron, he does have a more intimidating look.

When I asked Bill what Iowa player he felt would be the most improved this season based only on his workouts, he answered swiftly and surely. "Duez Henderson really worked hard in the off-season. He added a very good ten pounds. This year, it will be much harder to deter or deflect his drive to the basket."

Another part of the program is helping the players learn proper nutrition. Eating breakfast is # 1 on Maxwell's list because skipping this meal means the player's body would not receive nutrients for 14 or 15 hours. A fast that long can hinder growth, according to Maxwell. In addition, Bill likes the players to have healthful snacks between meals. He makes sure that they have plenty of balanced food bars to carry with them around campus. Sandwiches are another favorite snack he recommends to players. He also stays away from protein powders. Since players eat many more calories than the average person, Coach Maxwell's balanced diet provides all the nutritional needs.

Look for the Hawks to be lean and mean in 2001.

That's my take, but what do I know?

The Shadow

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