The Shadow on Beutjer

What was behind Jon Beutjer's sudden departure from the football team? The Shadow has his take on this news item filling the newspapers and airwaves.

Jon Beutjer, the once and future quarterback of the Iowa football team has elected to take his football and go home. Although I am very sorry that Jon elected to go this route, let's cry no tears for the team.

Bobby Knight's comments about the departure of Chris Kingsbury from the Hawkeye basketball team could be echoed here. When asked about Kingsbury, Knight replied "Sometimes you have addition by subtraction."

Jon Beutjer was not a happy camper last year when he didn't play in the last two games. He was especially upset that he didn't see action against the Golden Rodents, when McCann was sacked like 9 times. This was part of the equation in his decision to play basketball. Although he still participated in the off-season conditioning program, he did so alone in odd hours. This won him no popularity with his football team.

He wanted to be named first team quarterback this spring, but that didn't happen. Although Jon worked hard this summer, again he did a lot of this alone. Kyle McCann spent many hours in the film room with Brad Banks, showing him how to break down defenses. Kyle is a team player. When Brad is successful in his decision making this fall, part of that can be attributed to McCann. Jon, however, regarded Brad as prime competition for the role he coveted.

His altercation with Sam Aiello this summer may not factor as much into this equation as people might think. Although the event was unfortunate, Jon was already feeling the heat of a competition that he wouldn't win.

Last Saturday on the Hawkeye football preview show, WHO TV sports anchor Keith Murphy had a telling interview with Beutjer. "McCann and I are enemies on the field and friends off the field," said Jon.

As Josh Clark reported on KXTK, AM 940 this morning, Beutjer's parents have talked to Kirk Ferentz several times in the last few weeks. It is obvious that they played an integral part in Jon's decision. Coach Ferentz said that after Jon was told on Sunday that McCann would be the starter Beutjer had one of his best practices. Since Monday is traditionally an off day during a game week, what transpired between the Sunday practice and Tuesday's announcement is open to speculation.

I received a call from a Hawk fanatic and frequest poster to this board that I know in San Francisco. This morning when he woke his brother he said "I have news on two fronts, Beutjer quit the team and one of the goldfish died." the younger Hawk fan replied "Which goldfish?" Perhaps that is viewing the events in the proper perspective.

Although I wish Beutjer success in the future, maybe it was better that he went. Jon's ego couldn't allow him to ride the pines. Although he would have had a chance this year to perform, he couldn't wait his turn. Hopefully, Jon will learn to be a team player in life after football.

That's my take, but what do I know?

The Shadow


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