Ferentz Still Trolling Iowa Fans...Kind Of

Kirk Ferentz was asked again Monday about his quarterback situation and how open is the competition between Jake Rudock and C.J. Beathard. The Iowa coach continued to fan the flames.

IOWA CITY, Iowa - Kirk Ferentz admits he's not at interested in social media. Should the Iowa coach ever jump on Facebook or Twitter, he's showing he can troll. It's an act of saying something engaging, often sensationalistic, to gain attention.

Ferentz received a call on his radio show last week asking if C.J. Beathard would replace Jake Rudock as the team's starting quarterback in its Jan. 2 bowl. The coach said it could happen. Of course, the coach qualified his statement by saying there's competition at every position after finishing the regular season at 7-5.

Some fans chose to read more into the coach's statement than was his intent. Ferentz has mastered the art of saying nothing revealing when he speaks, talking in generalities. He's said for years that all positions are open for competition.

"That really grew legs, too," Ferentz said with a sly smile. "When I threw that would out there "could", I mean, a lot of things "could" happen. But that's been the most interesting topic.

"It's like anything. We're looking at everything right now. Practices have been competitive. We're putting guys in competitive situations. We'll see the way things unfold."

A lot has been made by fans and in the media this year about the competition between Rudock and Beathard. Ferentz and offensive coordinator have fueled it by saying that they were going to play both guys. That really hasn't happened.

Beathard received mop-up duty against Illinois and Minnesota. He didn't play the last two weeks against Wisconsin and Nebraska.

Ferentz was asked Monday if Beathard would need to outperform Rudock in practice to win the job.

"That would be a good place to start," the coach said.

The reporter clarified his point, asking if Beathard would need to play at a far superior level to Rudock to replace him. "Yeah. You've got to bring it every day. It's a challenge for Jake, too. It's what at every position. I'll confess, (consensus all-American) Brandon Scherff is probably not getting pressed too hard but fortunately if we don't need to that's a good thing," Ferentz said.

Take out of that what you will. Just don't take out of it that there's likely to be a quarterback change.

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