Hawkeyes Jump in with Nordin

Iowa played host to Quinn Nordin for its elite junior day earlier this month. Tuesday, the Hawkeyes came forward with a scholarship offer for the 2016 kicker/punter from Michigan. He talked with HI about the opportunity.

Quinn Nordin feels comfortable with the recruiting process. It's something that's been part of his life for almost three years.

Delaware offered the Rockford (MI) High product a scholarship when he was a 14-year-old freshman. Eleven more schools followed suit that year.

"It was pretty crazy getting an offer that young. It took off from there. I was developing really quickly and I was working hard in the weight room and had some great coaches. It showed me recruiting at a young age," the kicker/punter said.

Those lessons were learned as a LaCrosse recruit, however. He's since chosen to focus on football as his main sport and the interest in him has taken off.

Iowa offered Nordin a scholarship as a kicker and punter on Tuesday, a day after Penn State came forward with an opportunity. He already held offers from Western Michigan and Miami (Ohio).

"I'm just thankful that the coaches are noticing the work I'm putting in. I'm very blessed to have the opportunities I've been given," he said.

Kicker and punter rankings are tricky. There are several high-level schools that coach these specialists and generate their own ratings for their group but not much, if any, all-inclusive rankings.

Nordin is a member of the Kornblue Kicking. He's its No. 1-rated kicker and No. 19 punter for 2016.

All of the schools that have offered Nordin (6-2, 205) have done so as a kicker and a punter, he said.

"I'm only going to go somewhere to do both," he said.

Nordin attended an Iowa game this fall and stopped back at its elite junior day earlier this month. He's visited Penn State before and was scheduled to return to State College this coming weekend, the first time his mother will see that school. She has seen Iowa City.

"I need my mom to go to Penn State. We'll come back home and reevaluate. You never know, we could pick one as soon as we get back but that's very unlikely," Nordin said.

Here's what Nordin had to say about the two Big Ten schools:

Iowa - The coaching staff there is phenomenal. They're great people. The recruits they had were awesome. I have nothing but great things to say about the program they have and the tradition that's been there for years on end. The new facilities that they have coming in are going to be some of the top around and it's a very impressive program. They have great things on the way, that's for sure.

Penn State - The coaching staff there also is phenomenal. Me and Coach (Charles) Huff have a great relationship. Coach (James) Franklin, kind of a new coach, is doing a phenomenal job recruiting with that program. Penn State, like Iowa, is one of the nicest schools I've seen. All the recruits there were terrific, very easy to talk to. I really liked Happy Valley, the academics and also the football aspect.

Nordin, who wants to major in business, feels good about Iowa and Penn State. He's torn.

"Every morning I wake up and it's a different feeling. One day I might be thinking about Iowa. The next day I might be thinking about Penn State. Some days I'm leaning one way and other days I'm leaning the other way. I'm just going to keep talking to the coaches and building great bonds with the head coaches as well and talking to the kids on the team and hopefully the pieces will fall into place and I'll have a decision," he said.

While he's not sure where he's going to college, he's comfortable with the path he's chosen.

"LaCrosse is a great sport and I love all the people I met playing it but there's nothing better than Big Ten football. The fans, night games, nice and cold, that's what I like. I know I'm just a kicker but I get to like that too," he said.

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