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The Hawkeye Football season opens up tomorrow with Kent State. Now with the departure of QB Jon Beutjer, Coach Ferentz is once again receiving some heat. However, a big victory this Saturday could send out a good note to Hawk fans in what is hoping to be a "surprise" season.

WR Kahlil Hill has been criticized much during his tenure here at the University of Iowa, but everyone has always realized his potential. Coach Ferentz recently sat down with Kahlil and his family and did a video breakdown of Michigan WR David Terrell compared to Kahlil last year. Coach Ferentz went out of his way to take the time to help prepare Kahlil better for what he needs to do in his senior season, and Kahlil had a great summer in work-outs. I really believe Kahlil could have the chance to shine this season.

Speaking about Kahlil, its known that Jon Beutjer wanted OL Sam Aiello to be suspended for a year, and used Kahlil's case to fight for this. Could anyone honestly expect Coach Ferentz to hand out a 1 year suspension for this?

Also, Beutjer was quoted as saying that he planned to quit even if he was named the starter. You gotta ask yourself if that statement really holds true, also.

Aaron Greving has been great in practices so far. In fact, he has been showing the coaches enough to believe that they can win with Greving as the ball carrier, also. You expect to see Aaron gain some carries this Saturday.

Fabian Dodd and Chad Greenway are planning for red-shirts right now, although, that could change if injuries force it to. Ed Hinkel likely won't be receiving any action this Saturday so its still up in the air on whether he'll red-shirt or not.

There hasn't been any discussion on the possibility of Jon Babineaux taking a red-shirt this year, but with his injury still not fully healed, I believe it could happen. Jon has a bright future at DE.

In a recruiting note, don't count out Iowa's chances of landing a prep from Nebraska just yet. SigningDay isn't until Feburary, so some prospects may change their mind.

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