'15 Arkansas Big Man Visits Iowa

Iowa still has an open scholarship left to use in the 2015 recruiting class. A potential target for that ride visited campus recently. Shandon Goldman could end up being exactly would Hawkeye Coach Fran McCaffery is looking for.

Perhaps Greg and Alicia Goldman should consider fortune telling. The Arkansas couple sure would have a solid resume with what they predicted for their son.

The Goldman's nicknamed their boy, Shandon Goldman, "Biggie" at a young age. For much of his life, it didn't make a lot of sense. As a freshman, he stood at a pedestrian 5 feet, 11 inches.

Then, it happened. Shandon sprouted up to 6-4 as a sophomore, added two more inches the following year and shot up to 6-9 at the beginning of 2014.

"Biggie" now suits Shandon perfectly. The growth spurt also has him squarely in the sights of college basketball coaches.

The Lincoln (AR) High prospect recently visited Ole Miss and Iowa. He's secured a scholarship offer from Utah State, his coach Tim Rich said.

The Goldmans are a basketball family, Rich said. They are in agreement on what they'd like for Shandon.

"They're realistic people and right now they're leaning towards prep school, maybe the New England prep school league," Rich said. "That year at prep school would put him in the 2016 class and give him another year to develop. I do think they're still open to colleges at this time. If the right offer came along and the school was willing to red shirt him, I think they'd accept it."

Shandon's growth progressed so quickly that he's still learning the game as a big man. He's maintained his strong perimeter skills but he's picking up the post.

"There were times last year when he forgot how big his feet had gotten and he would get called for stepping on the out of bounds lines," Rich said. "We're still working on getting him used to the inside and trying to add muscle. That was the hardest thing for him as he shot up was developing and adding muscle and strength."

Iowa has one scholarship available in the 2015 Class but it's unknown whether Coach Fran McCaffery would agree to red shirt Goldman next season knowing he could use a post player right away with backup center Gabe Olaseni exhausting his eligibility this winter.

"They really enjoyed their trip to Iowa," Rich said. "They had a great time and talked a lot about the snow. We don't get much of the pretty snow down here (in Arkansas). We get stuck with ice.

"But they really had a great time up there."

The visits to Iowa and Ole Miss were unofficial. Other schools are inviting him to stop at their campuses but the family doesn't want to use officials yet and traveling far is harder when you don't.

"People have known about his (outside) shooting for a long time," Rich said. "But when he got to 6-9, the phone calls really started coming in. I have a sheet of paper filled with schools that have called and are interested in talking about him.

"The doctors said that he could still grow another inch or two. So, that's something to consider in his development as well."

Lincoln advanced in the Arkansas State playoffs with a win Thursday. They were scheduled to play again Friday. The furious pace of the postseason has pushed recruiting to the back burner for the Goldmans.

"He's got some scholarships from prep schools that they're real interested in looking at once our season wraps up. And like I said, if the right college came along and was willing to give him develop time, they'd look at it. I think he could help a school as a role player next year but the family is smart and they feel another year of growth is in his best interest," Rich said.

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