Recruiting 101

It was a great day for the Hawks on Saturday, even if it was against Kent State. What in-state prospects were in attendance for the game? Also, what are the rumors concerning a LB from Florida?

The Hawks made a good statement on Saturday with their 51-0 victory over Kent State. By all means, Kent State isn't a good opponent, but the Hawks played pretty vanilla and were able to still dominate Kent State completely.

Here are the in-state prospects who were in attendance for the game Saturday:
OL Jon Cochran (WDM Valley)
OL Chris Felder (Oelwein)
OLB Ryan Majerus (Oelwein)
WR Calvin Davis (Iowa City)
TE/DE Warren McDuffie (Iowa City)
DL Cory Bengston (Johnston)
DL Todd Baldwin (WDM Dowling)
QB/LB Dan Cibula (Newton)

Majerus had three sacks and returned a fumble for a TD last Friday. However, this Friday will be a big stepping point for him as Oelwein takes on Vinton-Shellsburg, probably their toughest opponent of the season. This should be a good measuring point for the staff to decide on whether or not they offer Majerus. Also, Northwestern has only given Majerus a VERBAL offer, not written.

There have been many rumors on the internet about Iowa having a sleeper LB prospect in Florida. Although this may be true, there hasn't been a report of a verbal commitment yet. Coach Bielema has developed a lot of connections down in Florida, and therefore we should have plenty of news coming in December. Fort Lauderdale St. Aquinas is one place to look.

As I said last week, the QB search has begun. There is hope that a surprise season will start to catch some nationally prominent QB's attention. Some of the wanted athletic QB's include: Chris Davis, James Banks, Vincent Young, and Troy Smith. STAY TUNED!!!!

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