Wallace on Strategy

Iowa Recruiting coordinator Seth Wallace talks from spring ball about the Hawkeyes recruiting strategy and what they are looking for.

Since first-year Iowa recruiting coordinator Seth Wallace took over as recruiting coordinator in July for the Hawks -- the recruiting process has changed.

"You've seen us probably cast a little bit wider net. I think we're trying a couple different tactics that are obviously supported by Coach Ferentz and certainly supported by this staff," Wallace said. "I think we're headed in the right direction. The big thing is just continuing to follow the foundations of this program with recruiting and who we're looking for, what type of kid we're looking for, that really hasn't changed since I got back."

He added, "But we are casting a bigger net. We're being a little bit more aggressive on the front end. I believe it's paid off. This facility certainly has paid off. It is our showcase now. We've had a lot more kids on campus and even during spring practice we've had more than really we've ever had."

That wider net, has resulted in two verbals in the 2016 class, Toren Young of Monona Grove (Wis.) and quarterback Nate Stanley of Menomonie (Wis.).

"We're, again, ahead of the curve or are moving a little bit faster than we have in the past, but it's allowed us to build significant relationships with some of these guys," Wallace said.

Moving faster, means offering kids earlier -- and that means building relationships faster than in years past.

"I guess we've fallen in love with some kids a little bit earlier than we have in the past, but a lot of that goes back to we've had conversations, we've had them on the phone, we've spoken to high school coaches. We have an opportunity to speak with parents in some cases. But again, the whole aggressiveness is more on the front end," Wallace said.

Plus, this time of the spring is one that young athletes are discovering new places and possible college destinations.

"This is the discovery time of the year for these kids and their families, and whether it be spring break, which we noticed a pool of the prospects that came in during their spring break. We took advantage of that. They were here for spring practice," Wallace said.

In the 2016 class and beyond, the Hawkeyes have offered plenty of big time recruits -- and that's not something likely to stop.

"The ones that we've offered, we like them. There's no question about it. We believe that they fit who we are. But there's also those that I'm sure you guys are like, why have they not offered this guy. It might not be the right fit for one reason or another. It could be football wise, could be socially, academically. There's a lot that goes into it," Wallace said.

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