Roll The Dice

What influences a young man's opinion to become a Hawkeye? Living in Iowa, every young man dreams of becoming a Hawk. However, what if you come from the land of neon, glitter, roulette and dice?

Hayden Fry lives the life of a stately gentleman. Never a gambler, Hayden did however like the bright lights of Las Vegas. On one of his well-deserved vacations from the rigors of being a football coach in the Big Ten, he was enjoying a round of golf. Hayden had not played golf until his latter years of coaching because he didn't want to take time from the office. Hayden was always very aware of his surroundings so he certainly took notice that his caddy was very large. The caddy happened to be a high school football player named Jerry Montgomery. Although Jerry had already given a verbal to then USC coach John Robinson, he appreciated Hayden's southern charm and warm humor.

When the round of golf ended, Hayden and Jerry were friends. When I interviewed Jerry on Media Day, Jerry told me Hayden said that although he would like to tip him a couple hundred bucks, the NCAA would frown on that. Shortly after that day, John Austin, the Iowa defensive line coach was at Montgomery's high school. John induced Jerry into visiting Iowa City and soon the one time caddy agreed once more to help his golfer buddy. That is how the "Big Casino" became a Hawkeye. p>Jerry possesses a good sense of humor and is an engaging person to talk to. However, when I asked Jerry how much Hayden tipped him, he would only smile.

Luck was on Iowa's side because Montgomery played as a true freshman and his since started 23 games at defensive tackle. The senior from Mesquite, Nevada doesn't caddy anymore, preferring to play instead. Jerry played in several 'I' Club golf outings this summer, as he was an intern with the University of Iowa Foundation. In addition his duties included attending all the ‘I' Club dinners with the UI Foundation staff. Although the rubber chicken circuit normally adds a few pounds to the middle of most people, Jerry's work ethic and Chris Doyle wouldn't let that happen. Jerry has worked hard to position himself for a stellar senior season. Kirk Ferentz and the Hawkeyes hope to cash in on Jerry's skills this year with a high Big Ten standing. Being a major contributor for a bowl bid would be quite a bonus from a round of golf.

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