Iowa's Kirk Ferentz's Opening Statement Recap

Iowa Head Coach Kirk Ferentz and Iowa are looking to bounce back with a strong season.

Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz and the Hawkeye football program have begun their Fall practices for the year. Camp started just a few days ago, so only a few practices are under their belts at this time.

The Hawkeye head coach lead the way at his opening press conference of the year with some of the initial changes and notes of the past few days.

"A couple announcements, and I'm not sure if I gave you this update or not, but just one personnel move," Ferentz said. "Jameer Outsey has moved from the linebacker position over to tight end, so he's been working there. (He's) three practices into it now."

"And then the other real announcement to give you right now regarding today, LeShun Daniels got nicked up this morning in practice, so he will not participate during the media day," the Iowa head coach added. "He will do a team picture later on, and we'll make sure to make him available a week from Saturday for Kids' Day. We'll have him out there for any questions at that time and kind of go from there."

Once the noteworthy announcements were out of the way, Ferentz dove right into the expectations of this season and their aspirations, which have remained the same since he took over in Iowa City.

"Just a couple comments to start out with, first and foremost, I just wanted to restate that we're totally committed to being a Big Ten Championship caliber football team," he shared. "That's been our goal since 1999 when we got started, and things haven't changed on that front. I believe we have a strong foundation in place right now, and I feel very good about the adjustments that we've made since January. Some things that we had talked about a couple times during the offseason, just things regarding our facilities, obviously moving into a brand new facility. I'll address that later. The staff changes that we made, and certainly some decisions we made regarding our players and recruiting. I think things are really on a positive mode that way, and we're excited about pushing forward there."

Last season did not finish the way that the coaches, players, and even fans wanted it to for the Hawkeyes, and the offseason has been about turning the page and realizing they have the chance to put that in the distant past.

"You know, in football and in life, anything you do, all you can do is ask for opportunities, and when the calendar changed over in January, the thing we tried to communicate to our players was it's a new opportunity," head coach Kirk Ferentz explained. "We've all been very excited about that and the work that's gone into it, and I think most importantly we're eager to continue that work, that important work, as we try to prepare for the season. Things really haven't changed. Our focus remains on the fundamentals, the basics, the things that make teams successful, whether it's on the football field, in the classroom, or their citizenship, those things really haven't changed an awful lot over the years and we'll stay focused on those."

The end of Ferentz's opening statement was geared more towards the Hawkeye fan base, and a message to them on what they deserve, and how much their support has always been appreciated.

"Regarding our fans, they've long been the best I've ever been around, I can say," the Hawkeye head coach pointed out. "Getting here in 1981, I've said it many times, how memorable it was for me to walk into Kinnick (Stadium) after 19 straight losing seasons and being just a great, great environment. In my 25 year association with this program, our fans have been just absolutely fantastic."

"They deserve a good football team," Ferentz continued about the Iowa fan base. "That's always been the goal. I'm fully aware of that. I understand that, our staff understands and our players do, too. We're working hard to provide them what they deserve from our perspective."

The next media availability for Iowa football will be Saturday August 15 for Kids' Day. It will be an open practice inside Kinnick Stadium. The season begins for the Hawkeyes on September 5 in a home bout against Illinois State.

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